The importance of the brand in the modern world is growing every year. We no longer notice how we call Xerox copies Xerox and diapers. The name Coca-Cola, which is known to 94% of the peoples of the entire planet, costs about $ 80 billion. So, when thinking about wrist watches, an individual image and name immediately come to a head. Choosing a watch for yourself, we are looking for a brand that is close in spirit, justifying our expectations. What is behind the full names of the watchmaking world and why are they so nice to us?

Let’s study five wrist watches company

Breguet: The perfect model

There is a unique cohort of stamps, whose history began at the dawn of the invention of the watchmaking art itself. Some of the watchmakers of that time remained only in books, but some names are familiar to us even now.

Best luxury wrist watches

Abraham-Louis Breguet made real masterpieces and earned his name not only with innovations but with the right marketing approach. The best advertisement for his products was made by the French queens and emperors, buying and receiving a Breguet watch. You can find wrist watches of other brands, similar in appearance and technically. They are unlikely to say as much about your status as the Breguet chronometer will do.

Maurice Lacroix: Traditions and modernity

But there are young whose name is valued highly due to their merits in the field of watchmaking. Maurice Lacroix has been working for more than 40 years. Combining the traditions of Swiss masters with the development of modern technologies.

Best luxury wrist watches
Maurice Lacroix

This brand is valued for its independence and innovation. In their “cage” 14 own calibers, based on which dozens of extraordinary wrist watches. And if a person is looking for a real Swiss quality, unusual complications, modern design and increased attention to detail, then the first name is Maurice Lacroix.

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Chanel: The idea of fashion and style

The word style goes side by side with the notion of brand. What is fashionable and attractive, with proper approach will be a brand with a capital letter. So, it was with the name of the great woman Coco Chanel. Changing society’s view of the women’s wardrobe, she made an invaluable contribution to changing attitudes toward the woman herself. For many years forming fashion trends, the Chanel brand has become a symbol of elegance and style.

Best luxury wrist watches

The country the same impeccable style we get by purchasing Chanel wrist watches, which become the objects of imitation of other brands from year to year and the desired goal of many women of fashion. It is the case when the brand is a whole fashion industry. The price of hours is the work to generate ideas and images.

Seiko: One step ahead of technology

Surely, you’ve heard that things produced in Japan are of excellent quality and outperform the rest of the world in technology. A significant contribution to the formation of this belief was made by the wrist watch brand Seiko. Engaged in watchmaking since the beginning of the XX century, Seiko in time took the coming revolution and the first in the world to launch a serial quartz watch that almost buried the watch in Switzerland. And there are many such examples in the history of Seiko.

Best luxury wrist watches

Inventions and constant progress made the brand. In the asset of which there is a very inexpensive watch, the first among many. You can be sure: if you have a Seiko watch on your wrist, then you have a quality thing. It always goes ahead of your time.

Casio: A brand that the whole world love

But not Seiko single active in Japan. What one of the top-selling wrist watches in the piece measurement is also from this country. Casio wins millions of people around the world with its original design and unique in some parameters characteristics.

Best luxury wrist watches

Best luxury watch brand Casio is a unique watch company, each collection of which is quite an independent brand with its army of admirers. Infinite bright original G-SHOCK became a symbol of youth, freedom and the universal peace. Tricked out Pro Treck is a secret dream of almost everyone who is excited about active recreation and nature. That watch and the road that anyone can find a model to their taste, desire, and interests.

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