It so happened that in addition to the aesthetic (beautiful accessory) and social (demonstration of status and solvency) features many models of best luxury watches are able to perform a number of tasks, greatly facilitating daily life. For example, the “Chronograph” – not just a pretty word, but it is a useful tool, useful in a variety of everyday and everyday situations.

Chronograph watch is called with a stopwatch. The digital clock is displayed on one of the dials in analog are responsible for it are the most beautiful displays additional arrow. At the beginning of the event press the button “start” at the end of “pause” – and find out how many times, and it lasted.

 Need A Chronograph
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To measure the duration of the different events that started at the same time, there is a split-chronograph. Press the pause is necessary when each individual event ends, and the end result can be seen as a general, and intermediate. We offer five different options for the use of the chronograph, well beyond the imagination to help you.

Behind the wheel: the shortest path

Sitting behind the wheel, any citizen of a big city knows that two Russian troubles turn into one and name it – cork. Even excellent knowledge of the city and use the navigator does not always help to correctly calculate the time on the road. By testing different routes and options bypass problem areas, it makes sense to focus not on internal sensations, and the chronograph. Note the time on the chronograph, you find out a few days, a route actually more effective.

Importantly, do not forget to click on the pause, if you decide to call in for a coffee or a sandwich. By the way, here is useful and split-chronograph, if in order to get to your destination, you can change the entire route and its sites. You can find out exactly which part takes the most time and manner in which it is possible to drive faster. Of course, if you happen to force majeure as a crash or landing on the ship the way the aliens will not help and well-designed graphics, but it is, as they say, is another story.

Timing paid to park

Right guys today do not believe that to be law-abiding – a shame, and do not take the right lane, flashing “emergency gang”. Arriving at work or school for a child, a business meeting in downtown or lunch at a new restaurant, do not throw the car in the street: pay parking is cheaper than fine and towing services.

To know in advance how much it will cost parking, no need to remember when it stopped – just press the “start” button. Thanks, chronograph you at any time will know how much time passed – probably will pick up the car before the expiration of an hour, or, on the contrary, afford to drink coffee, do not hurry, if the new hour has started.

If fate has thrown you into the wilderness, where there are no modern plates with built-in timer, alarm clock somewhere and backpack – only the packaging of pasta durum wheat and a dried piece of Parmesan cheese, do not be sad: a true chronograph will help you to prepare better in the light of the pasta al dente.

Knowing that the spaghetti is cooked to the proper canonical status for 2 minutes less than indicated on the pack, and soft-boiled eggs – no more than 4 minutes, make you a prince in the eyes of any woman, even in the absence of the white horse. Note the time on the chronograph minute display in any case much easier than just follow the second hand.

Most parents – punctual

The importance of the regime today recognizes even the supporters of intuitive parenting, and blush in front of the local doctor and neighbors in the playground, not knowing the answer to the question, how much sleep during the day your child is tired. Daytime and nighttime sleep intervals between feedings and long walks in the fresh air – do not let these important things slide. The better you are targeting what is happening, the more confident feel in the role of a parent, and that’s half the battle.

Again, in a conversation with the grandmothers and aunts to show off the exact knowledge of their child’s routines will not be superfluous, respect for you exactly grow. Was put to bed in the afternoon, we have marked time and do their own thing: if your child wakes up earlier than usual, you’re ready for an evening whims, and if later – will be able to wake up in time to avoid problems with night sleep.

 Need A Chronograph
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Enhance efficiency

Competent timing and correctness of work schedule solve many problems, including eternal procrastination and disagreements with management over the fact that one or another task to be performed. Knowing how much you will need time to routine activities, you can plan the day or even week so that more catch and less tired. And under tight deadlines can be easily controlled if you have time, how much time has already been spent at the current stage, it is not necessary to accelerate or whether, on the contrary, we can afford to relax a bit.

If you are the guide, the use of the chronograph will be even more enjoyable: you will be aware, for example, but in reality, the time employees spend on smoking breaks and snacks.

Yes, you can actually find “a nightmare boss,” but … the point is not in the emotions, and in the success, right?

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