Travelers and businessmen conducting business abroad, and wandering around the world, the function of the second-time zone or GMT The, necessary as air. So, when looking at the clock, you can see the current time in two places. While abroad or in another region, you always know what time it is in your home, but at home you can be sure that the call did not wake up your business partner overseas.

As we associate with the period of time the position of the sun in the sky, in different parts of the world it is different. To organize your timing, so-called time zones have been adopted, their 24, as well as hours in the day. Counting from zero, the Greenwich meridian, according to the standard of the UTC, Coordinated Universal Time. It is based not on the rotation of the earth, as the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), and accurate atomic clocks. However, when a possibility of installation in wristwatches second time zone this complication is called GMT.

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In a mechanical watch, it increases the number of parts used and can be very interesting to change their usual appearance. For additional time, it is easy to read, GMT arrow painted in a contrasting or just different from the other color. Allocate additional dials. On the Clock with World Time function is applied to the world map. Some manufacturers have inserted a small globe, or at all be original and hide function of the second time, removing it or related to it on the scale back of the watch.

Complication indicating the second-time zone can be called in different ways: GMT (Greenwich Mean Time – Greenwich Mean Time / zero meridian), Dual time or World Time, etc. Depending on the model, you can simultaneously see the time in two time zones, or by switching the mode, find it in any time zone of interest.

There is one principle: the clock capable of displaying time and homework, and while the area where you are. Watches with the GPS, equipped with the new technology, are able to request your location and automatically adjust the time. But mechanical watches for a long time know how to do it.

The easiest way to implement this feature – the use of additional arrows. Everything is controlled by one crown: you just expose the arrow according to the desired zone. Immediately there is a problem – you do not know the day or the night where you are not. To solve it use arrow that makes a day just one turnover.

On the bezel or inner circle clock dial coated 24-hour clock, or take out the arrow on the dial with a single corresponding marking. This is great – once established and then only need a glance to determine the exact time. No wonder this is probably the most popular format in the world. In some models, the arrow is replaced by a box with numbers.

Another way to display – the creation of a separate dial with hour and minute hands. In some models, a display secretes several dials. Their settings are made independently in the case of the analog clock, or automatically if it’s digital displays.

The wrist chasax c World time (Time the World), will bring you the time in multiple cities around the world. The principle is simple: on the dial are two drives, one with the names of cities, 24 or more (to them you are driving, turning the crown), the second with a 24-hour scale, it is usually painted in different colors to facilitate the perception of day or night (this disc It depends on the clockwise direction of normal time, but rotates counter-clockwise). You will need to put the mark of 12 the city in the time zone you are in, install the current local time and at the same time all the other towns will be displayed on the 24-hour clock.

On electronic displays are generally allocated to their place, the window under each function or group of functions, the setting is made when switching mode, and watch remember all the data that you entered. In the case of any clock, GMT The setting up, it is important to follow the instructions as closely as possible.

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