Water is one of the main enemies of a wristwatch. When the hermeticity of the body disrupted, the mechanism is irreparably damaged. Today, most modern watches have an exclusive design that protects internal parts from diffusion of water or moisture. Depending on the purpose of the waterproof watch, the level can vary from basic to professional. It would seem that everything is simple. The particular characteristic of the clock causes a lot of questions. We understand what’s what.

What is ” waterproof watch protection”?

Waterproof Watch Facts
Men’s Japanese waterproof wristwatch Orient SP series UG1X00BB

If you notice at the back of the clock, you will see the caption “water resistant” on it. ¬†Indicate the static pressure and the value of the measurement. The information will tell how well the wrist accessory is protecting. Before such a marking falls on the body, the developed model undergoes a series of tests by the requirements of the international standard ISO 2281.

Interestingly, during the testing in the laboratory on a waterproof watch for a short time. At the same temperature, static pressure acts. It is this moment that confuses. In actual conditions, the real pressure is often higher and varies with motion.

For example, it would appear that marking “water resistant 20m (2 ATM/bar)” should allow the owner to swim in the clock at a depth of up to 20 meters. In fact, they are unlikely to survive the first swim. At the moment when the watch touches the surface of the water. The actual pressure will change dramatically and significantly exceed the test pressure.

Measurement system of waterproof watch

Waterproof Watch Facts
Men’s waterproof Swiss wrist watch Frederique Constant Classics FC-292MC4P6

Another difficulty is related to the measurement value – most often there are weight symbols in meters (m), bars (bar) or atmospheres (ATM). If the meter is more or less clear, then with other units – not very. In order, not to encounter difficulties it is necessary to remember a simple rule: when immersed for every 10 meters, the water pressure acting on the object increases by 1 atmosphere. It follows that the marking “water resistant 20m” is identical to the marking “water resistant 2 ATM/bar”.

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Waterproof watch from 20m (2 ATM/bar)

It happens that the marking contains only the phrase “water resistant” without indicating the level of pressure. Usually, this means that this model has an initial water protection level of 20m (2 ATM/bar). It is the basic standard for all modern watches. Of course, swimming in such an accessory is out of the question. It will easily transfer water splashes, for example, during washing hands or rain.

Waterproof Watch Facts
Swiss waterproof wrist watch Swiss Military Hanowa Patriot Chrono 06-5187.04.007

Waterproof watch from 50m (5 ATM/bar)

Watches with water protection 50m (5 ATM/bar) are already better tolerating higher humidity. Theoretically, in models with this level, you can swim. While observing some limitations: you cannot dive, you cannot splash, minimize the impact of water. It is unlikely that you will enjoy this bathing. So, we recommend you choose the wrist watch for swimming from the following categories.

Waterproof watch from 100m (10 ATM/bar)

A good option for a summer holiday on the beach or fishing. The watch will withstand splashes, shower and calm swimming, but do not dive.

Waterproof watch from 200m (20 ATM/bar)

In addition to all that is available for watches with lower water protection, these can also be engaged in recreational diving. However, it is not recommended to dive to a depth of more than 10 meters. Surely the clock will cope with this load, but it’s better not to take chances.

Waterproof Watch Facts
Men’s Casio Edifice EFR-556L-1A Japanese waterproof wristwatch

Waterproof watch from 300m (30 ATM/bar)

Now you are unlikely to stop something to explore and admire the beauty of the underwater world. Watches with waterproof 300m (30 ATM/bar) are perfect for this purpose.

If on the case you see the mark “divers xxm,” you have the model certified according to the international standard ISO 6425. These are ideal for those who want to buy a watch for diving. The availability of the norm informs that the manufacturer guarantees accurate work of the watch at a depth of at least 100 meters (if not indicated the number), as well as an additional 25%. Also, professional models for diving have significant resistance to shocks, magnetic fields, salt water and can work with them even in the total absence of light.

Waterproof Watch Facts
Waterproof Watch Facts

On a note

  • Some chemicals, such as perfumes, shampoos, soaps, cosmetics or aerosol sprays, can affect the integrity of the gaskets, and hence the stability of the watch.
  • Rinse the watch with fresh water after each bath in the salt water.
  • Whatever the level of water protection a watch does not have. It is forbidden to visit a sauna or a sauna with them – from the effects of high temperatures, different parts of the clock expand. It causes deformation and loss of protective properties.
  • Do not adjust the time and other functions underwater. Most watches are not suitable for such use.
  • If the watch joins with a screw-on crown, make sure that it is off before swimming.
  • Check the watch for compliance with the declared waterproofing every year or two, as the O-rings wear out with time.

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