Today, when the offer is replete with a huge choice of a wide variety of models of luxury watches for every taste, find the ones that are right for you – a real art. And even if we forget about the style (although possible?!) and focus on the main points, it becomes easier not.

Let’s talk about how to choose the perfect size for hours to your timepiece has become a harmonious part of the image, and not something alien, eye-catching and generally causing a number of issues. After all, people always notice the disparity, it’s in our DNA. Choosing whether we watch, checkbook or build a building, we strive to respect the harmony and balance. It turns out this is not all and not always, so let’s deal with this issue definitively, point by point, all of us will be five.

Japanese Men’s luxury Watch Casio Edifice EF-527D-1A chronograph

watches size: not to be mistaken

Case Diameter

The most noticeable characteristic of watches. Perhaps, in terms of the basic proportions. Men’s watches usually presented in sizes from 38 to 46 mm. Anything larger than 46 mm, you can almost certainly be attributed to the discharge of screaming and calling patterns. This, of course, does not apply to sports watches. Anything less than 38 mm, closer to jewelry, and hence to women’s watches close. So how do you know which size is right for you?

First, measure your wrist. If the wrist circumference at you from 15 to 18 cm, then you probably fit a clock with an average diameter of the housing – 38, 40 and 42 mm. If the hand you have a larger and larger wrist circumference of 19 cm, then you the road to showcase large wristwatches, diameter 44-46 mm shell.

Men’s luxury Watches Zeppelin LZ 127 Graf ZEP-76421

watches size: not to be mistaken

Housing height

Most often, the height – or thick – the body is directly related to its diameter. Earlier, when the market was dominated by the mechanical model, thin watches were considered the best, as it depended on the skill of the creator of the mechanism.

Today the situation has changed: in front of us a huge range of different models, the height and width of the hull which is usually proportional. Thus, for 38-42 hours in the enclosure mm thickness is about 7 mm. The models 44 mm, it will have rather 9 mm.

Japanese Men’s Mechanical luxury Watch Orient Sporty DB05001T

watches size: not to be mistaken

Belt width

The competent design of the watch implies that the width of the strap or bracelet is equal to about half the diameter of the body. That is, the housing 40 hrs mm belt width should be 20 mm.

Leather belts always look elegant, but the metal bracelet of the same width will look heavier and bigger – it’s just the law of perception. Metal bracelets are usually organically combined with large clocks that are suitable for a wide wrist. However, a lot depends on taste.

Those who choose to watch a small or medium diameter may prefer leather or fabric with thin metal links or Milan weaving, especially, its width will fit body.

Elements hours

And last but not least – the size of parts and elements as in the clock dial and outside the housing. On the surface of the dial is the size of the clock marks, arrows and other elements, such as a date window and additional internal displays. Outside is the crown and buttons, if present. All these details will make a large visually larger even small clock that can disrupt the harmony of proportions. Especially important as coupled between a size and shape of the individual elements together with the parameters mentioned above.

For example, large numbers would be inappropriate to be allocated for hours with the body size of 38 or 40 mm. On the other hand, thin hour hands can look remarkably well to the body diameter of 46 mm and a height of 9 mm.

As a result, the correct strategy is to pay attention to all of the clock settings and relate them to their own dimensions. Harmony, harmony, and harmony once again – and there is already the case for you. In the end, you wear the luxury brand watch, so that the prime factor will still be your taste and personal preference

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