Winter – it’s always a test, and not only for you and your nerves. The short daylight hours, subzero temperatures, snow, ice, and other typical things also influence the work of art. Luxury watches – is no exception. If you are preparing to spend the winter, bright and fun skating in the park, skiing or snowboarding in the country, a car owner who occasionally have to clean up from the snow rubble after the next snowstorm, it is recommended to choose a wrist accessory is not only the mood, or event, but also to take into account seasonal features. What are the periods on the wrist comfortably just wait until spring – in our material?

Watch out for the severe winter


Theoretically, mechanical watches worn on a cold can thicken the oil and quartz in the cold quickly sits down the battery. This is unlikely, given that almost no one is really Long Street during a heavy cold, however, such incidents happen. Watches mechanism worked as like as below.

However, if you are a Cold explorer, mountaineer, forester or as part of MOE units are involved in rescue operations in the North (or want to give hours of one of these people), of course, you need a special watch with special features and functions. They firstly must be permanently visible, that is to be taken over the sleeve and chill in full. Secondly, in these cases, the functionality should be on top and to prevent failures.

Shockproof and waterproof

If you intend to spend the weekend active – skiing, skating, sledding or snowboarding – there is also the need for high-impact performance. Shock watches come in handy in the event of an unexpected slip on the icy track. We all know how often they occur in winter, even in large cities, well-equipped.

Waterproof is required slightly above average in case you decide to build a snowman or play snowballs or just lie in the snow, self-importance an “angel.”

Thermometer and barometer

Thermometer certainly comes in handy, because the human body is not always self-feeds signals correctly. Watches with a barometer Wrist help out in areas with difficult weather conditions.

If the atmospheric pressure changes sharply, the accessory will beep. Such differences may indicate the approach of a storm or heavy snowfall. It is unlikely that this information can be called excessive for a person who, for example, plans to make a long journey.


In winter, we usually wake up and go to work when the “still dark” and hurry home, or in cases where “it is already dark.” In such circumstances, the presence of lighting hours is the perfect option when you need to quickly find out what time it is. Of course, this can be done using a smartphone, but the freezing cold you will probably be easier to look at the wrist rather than trying to find your gadget in your pocket.

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