For all the variety of choice and actively promoted freedom of the individual, we are still in the iron grip of immutable principles, which do not allow us to wear what you want and be yourself. It is time to reconsider the harsh rules of selection of luxury watches and socks – maybe they are not so and binding.

Real men wear only the mechanic’s

Ineradicable snobbery time to leave in the last century where it belongs – where quartz has been a lot of the poor clerks and indeed robbed of status among the proud owners of an expensive watch with a complicated mechanism of the hundreds of details. It is time to realize that to buy a watch with a cheaper and much more accurate course – is not a shame. Manufacturers seem to have realized this, and in the lines, even premium brands appeared quartz models made in the corporate design and a more than decent in quality.

Luxury watches
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Price watch determines the significance of their owner

Watch the price of apartments in Moscow today, perhaps the only sign of a very rich man, who cannot wait to show it to everyone. If the difference in the two or three zero to the sum is at least a small matter to you, get away from windows with alarm and noteworthy models that do not take away the chance of a good education for your children. Instead of being worn on the hand the average annual income, you can establish a charitable foundation like Leonardo DiCaprio and is no longer afraid of accidentally hit her a couple million. But instead of one, and a very expensive watch, you can buy several different models on the taste, color and suitable situation.

The bigger, the better

In the XXI century, the consciousness of man is increasingly visited by the thought that through any size car – not the best way to show the world their worth. To this class belongs, and “Big Ben” on the wrist. The clock does not need to go into the room in front of you or to be the size of a good old-fashioned alarm clock – even if it looks even and not so huge on your big hand. The advanced user is not shy about its eco-friendly small car and knows that the most courageous of the human race during the world wars diameter watches does not exceed 36 mm.

It is impossible to combine gold and silver

This very controversial point, we continue to impose stylists, image makers, and sales consultants, first asking what color cufflinks and tie pins you prefer. But some bold and advanced designers did not hesitate to borrow stylistic techniques of so-called street fashion, creating a bright pattern in two colors of metal, and it looks pretty good. The moral is: if you cannot, but really want, you can – including metal combine different colors. Just please, do not overdo it.

Style defines all

White dial black belt – in the office, sports G-Shock on a trip to the mountains, stylish watch the Calvin Klein – concert. No doubt, following similar rules, it is easier to pick up accessories and less risk to be trapped. And yet … Perhaps, your business reputation is nothing terrible will happen if one day at a meeting of the source will pay attention to your chronograph on a rubber strap. Rules of etiquette today give considerable relief and for non-compliance dress code you will not be excluded from society. Choosing the clock, making a tattoo, wearing torn jeans, you cannot lower the status of its own, but rather demonstrate individuality and capacity for independent decisions. In the end, maybe you will meet and bounds but spend exactly in mind.

luxury watches
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Good watch only the right watch brands

Prejudice stretches of time when the fashion houses have already started to produce luxury watches with his label on the dial but have not yet figured out how to be in the intricacies of the process. For big name can often be found “China”, the hours actually talking about the lack of taste and pronounced with aspiration, “Switzerland” has a significance of this mantra. Since then much has changed, brands have begun to cooperate with the very Swiss manufactories and develop mechanisms for itself, and the quality of hours finally become conform to the highest standards.

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