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The watch is, has been and continues to follow one of the necessary complements of the day today, but how to choose the best model for you?

We have carried out a 20-hour investigation, comparing and analyzing 50 products on the market and we have selected the 4 best cheap watches for you.

In this complete guide, we offer you two sections that will help you make the best decision.

What to keep in mind when buying a watch

We have selected 4 products, but if you want to take a look at the entire catalog of the two large online stores (Amazon and eBay).

5 Tips To Buy A Quality Watch. Buy Watches Like A Pro

Best brands

The market is filling up with cheap watches and expensive watches, luxury watches, but the assortment of possibilities is truly impressive in any price range. There are mainly three brands that lead the market:

  • Casio: Sports watches, casual watches, dress watches, luxury watches, the universe that puts the brand Casio watches within reach of buyers is wide. This brand bets on comfortable, resistant, quality watches and with particular designs.
  • Hamilton: The Hamilton brand was responsible for transforming the American watch industry. High-quality watches characterize Their watches, watches with character, watches specially designed to look on the wrists of the users guaranteeing total comfort and precision.
  • Seiko: Another of the most exciting brands on the market as far as cheap watches are concerned is Seiko. This Japanese watch brand is synonymous with high quality at low prices. Its modern and sophisticated designs offer perfect finishes.

Below you will find a list of the 4 best cheap watches of 2016, the ones with the best value for money.

Casio Vintage Watch F-91W-1XY

Technical data and functions

This traditional Casio watch in black is a legend that continues to live. This vintage watch features a durable plastic band and buckles closure. Both the material of the sphere and the material of the box are also made of lasting and sustainable plastic (resin).

The color of the dial is a silver color. It has dimensions of 12.2 x 8.4 x 5.6 cm and weighs 23 grams. The watch crystal is acrylic. This digital watch has a date and day of the week indicator. As primary functions indicate that composed by alarm, time, light and timer.

Simple, ergonomic, does not cause allergies with the strap and is quite waterproof, but not submersible. It is also resistant to bumps and scratches. A light, small and comfortable watch that will fit your wrist and needs perfectly. Great value for money.

best luxury watches
best luxury watches


 A classic and basic watch, but that perfectly fulfills its function. It has several functions: alarm, light, stopwatch, time and date. It is comfortable, easy to program, resistant to blows, scratches, and water (maximum pressure of 3 atmospheres).


 It is a basic and simple watch. It is not submersible. Not recommended for people with large wrists, as the strap may be short.

A 100% recommended watching if you are looking for a Classic and Vintage watch with tremendous value for money. Ideal for continuous use on the day of the day, both for work, walking and for sports. A watch that never fails.

A Casio watch like those of a lifetime, and one of the best cheap watches on the market. It is very lightweight, durable, and sturdy.

Final assessment: User rate 4.5

Casio W-96H-1AVES

Technical data and functions

This stylish digital quartz men’s watch with black rubber strap is a safe bet for those looking for quality at a low price. It is water resistant and can be submerged up to 50 meters under water (maximum pressure of 5 bars).

With a weight of 18 grams and dimensions of 13 x 13 x 13 cm, this watch has multiple functions like alarm, light, stopwatch and date indicator. It has buckle closure and sturdy acrylic glass, while the material of the box is 20 millimeters.

A comfortable, simple, shock, scratch and water resistant model that has everything you need to enjoy a quality watch at a very affordable price. Ideal for day to day. A practical, functional, light and perfect model for both young and adults.

best luxury watches
best luxury watches


 This digital watch has everything you need to enjoy a full watch in your day to day. Sturdy, durable, comfortable to wear and lightweight. It offers excellent value for money. Sports design but elegant and with some great finishes.


Single clock. The lighting time is short only lasts 1 second. In people with the big wrist, this watch may look a little small.

A thoroughly recommended watch at a very competitive price. Reliable, precise, comfortable, durable and with the necessary functions to make a daily use of this product without problems. Good value for money. Recommended for both young and old.

It fulfills its function perfectly. Light and resistant. Highly recommended and economical.

Final assessment: User rate 4.6


Casio Collection Men AQ-S800W-1B2VEF


Technical data and functions

This great analog-digital quartz watch from the prestigious Casio brand has a truly durable black resin strap. This round solar box watch is a very durable, durable, lightweight, comfortable to carry as well as use.

It offers numerous functions, such as alarm, light, stopwatch, day and date indicator, and the possibility of immersing it in water up to 100 meters deep. It is ideal for men looking for a simple but efficient and beautiful watch for their day to day. An attractive design.

The finishes of this watch are perfect and cared for in the smallest detail. A practical, functional model with an unbeatable price about other products with similar characteristics.

best luxury watches
best luxury watches


 Lightweight watch, comfortable, functional, practical and very easy to use. It offers a careful, attractive and modern design. It has multiple and useful functions for its users. It is capable of submerging up to 100 meters. Its value for money is unbeatable. Its operation is very intuitive.


Lighting is its weakness since only the small LCD illuminates. The digital display is minuscule, so for some, it can be expensive to read the screen well.

A thoroughly recommended purchase if you are looking for a complete, durable and useful watch. Despite being a simple model that will not change your life, it is a fascinating and attractive design. You can not ask for more for the cost you have.

Very comfortable and aesthetically well-finished watch. Excellent value for money, size, and weight very suitable.

Final assessment: User rate 4.4


Casio Vintage Watch A168WG-9EF

Technical data and functions

This beautiful Casio watch in gold color is made of stainless steel, guaranteeing excellent durability and resistance over time. With a weight of 50 grams, this quartz digital watch with a square shape is elegant and attractive.

This model offers numerous exciting features such as alarm, stopwatch, light, as well as date and day of the week indicator. The color of the dial is gray. It is a product that offers an excellent quality of the materials of manufacture, materials of perfect finishes and melodic lines.

It is a watch that characterizes by being very light, comfortable to wear, practical, functional and ideal to use in day to day. It is a model with a very intuitive operation. This Casio watched bets on the beautiful finishes, perfect and cared for in the smallest detail.

best luxury watches
best luxury watches


 It is a fascinating watch because, besides its great value for money, it has multiple functions. Its golden color design is elegant, delicate and attractive. An ideal model for daily use thanks its strength and durability. Lightweight, comfortable and practical.


The gold of the belt is going slightly in the areas where it rubs with the continued use of the years. A simple but complete model that can not ask for great demands.

A beautiful, economical and elegant watch last a long time. It fulfills perfectly the expected expectations. Its design, its functions, its quality and the backing of a brand like Casio make this product a purchase entirely recommended.

Elegant and quality accessory with a high price. An excellent and practical watch.

Final assessment: User rate 4.6

Before buying one of the many best cheap and luxury watches that you can find on the market, it is interesting that you stop to consider some key aspects to get right with your choice:

  1. Brand: An essential aspect to keep in mind before choosing a watch is the brand of it. Be sure to purchase a watch with a recognized brand in the watches sector like Casio, Hamilton, Lotus, Marea, Seiko, among others.
  2. Weight: It is an aspect is crucial, since to lower weight, greater lightness, and comfort when making use of the clock. Too big a watch can cause discomfort to the wrist, especially if the watch wears for many hours.
  3. Design: The market has a full catalog of watches, with watches for all tastes and needs. Infinity of shapes, colors, materials, prices, the possibilities that exist is vast.
  4. Style: There is a multitude of styles to choose from: elegant and refined styles, casual styles, casual styles, sporty styles, more geek styles, among many other options.
  5. Durability/maintenance: Mechanical clocks (manual and automatic) need to clean every three years, but their life is almost infinite. Quartz watches work with batteries that usually change every 2-5 years, but their life is limited.

If you want to buy cheap watches for yourself or a loved one, remember our proposals. They are sure to meet your expectations!

Remember that if you have doubts or comments, you can contact us through the comments, the contact section or through our social profiles.

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