Watch – not only a beautiful accessory but also a handy device. In addition to the exact time of the clock, manufacturers equip various complications that can help in everyday tasks. One of the oldest and most famous to this day complication – Tachymeter chronograph, or hours with a stop watch.

Due to the basic mathematical formulas related to the time, you can calculate many different parameters. Such as speed or distance. For example, if you detect a stopwatch period. Knowing how far behind this time overcame object, dividing the distance by the time we get the average speed in the respective units. Some chronographs help dispense with formulas and give the result immediately. For this purpose, their tachometer scale or tachymeter. It based on a simple calculation.

Tachymeter Watches
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Tachymeter or tachometer?

The name of speed measurement function in the hours there are different: some call it tachymeter, other – tachymetric.

Tachometer (tachometer) is a device for measuring the rotational speed of machine parts and mechanisms (primarily a road vehicle). Generally, in revolutions per minute. Word tachymeter (tachymeter) has several meanings, including the hour and it is a function.

Thus, it tachymeter hours is scale deposited circumferentially on the body or face.

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How to use?

We can calculate the speed of a pedestrian or a vehicle. For example, the aircraft at a given distance. The standard range that produces grading scale is indicated on the dial (e.g., base 1000 as Zeppelin or base 1 mile). If there is no precise indication, that traditionally is taken exactly 1000 meters.

Push the start of the chronograph at the time when the object passes the starting point, and a pause when it reaches the end point.

Tachymeter Watches
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We look at the chronograph hand – and it just shows us the average speed on the route.

Typically, tachymeter represents one circle and thus provides a measure of the rate of at least 60 km / h. But some manufacturers to think about pedestrians and cyclists, causing more sophisticated coaxial scales. Each of which corresponds to the second, third, etc. turnover stopwatch hands, i.e., time intervals of 60-120 seconds 120-180 seconds, and others.

Now, driving kilometer posts along the road, do not forget to use your chronograph. By clicking on the first and ending the measurement at the second column. Think how much time you will need for the rest of the way. Now you can call colleagues to please their exact time of arrival.

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