The first luxury watches were created for pilots. It is for the convenience of their chronometers put on a leather strap to the pilot at any time can take a look at the wrist. Imagine a pilot without this precision instrument cannot today. Continuing the proud tradition of working Aviator Company established in 2000 based on the capacity of the First Moscow Watch Factory. Under this brand produced high-quality instruments that are valued and loved around the world.

First Aviator watches were created on the basis of stocks of Soviet mechanisms and with current technology. In 2011, production was fully transferred to Switzerland, in the canton of Jura – the capital of the watch industry. Each luxury watch brand Aviator is unique and deserves to occupy a place of honor in any collection.

Review of limited edition Mig-35 luxury watch

Specification of Mig-35 luxury watch

Brand  Aviator M. chronograph
type mechanism quartz
Caliber Ronda 5040.V
housing stainless steel
Clock face silver
A bracelet rubber
Water resistant 650 ft
Glass sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
The calendar the number of (large date)
A country Switzerland

Company Aviator, whose logo adorns the fuselage and overalls pilots, co-operates with the aerobatic team “Swifts” since 2006. “Swifts”- one of the two pilot groups in the world (second – American Blue Angels), showing aerobatics on real combat aircraft. “Aviator” has released several models, dedicated to the legendary pilots.

Review of limited edition Mig-35 luxury watch

Men’s wristwatch with chronograph Aviator M. from the collection of the MiG-35 continues this tradition and is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of aces (group “Swifts” founded in 1991). Released a limited edition of just 99 pieces, the model has some differences from the base version. The changes affected the decor of the dial: left and right counters are given under aerobatic team logo and a commemorative figure “25”. Anniversary logos “stolen” numbers refer to indicators, but the information is easy to read: the diameter of each of the logo placed strokes tags.

The watch is in a mixed hi-tech and aviation style. Many individual elements are arranged in the strict regularity of the dial and create harmony. The abundance of the elements may at first confuse the raw owner, but after a day of use, the information will be read at a glance.

Design and Materials

The dial seems multidimensional. On the bottom layer, painted in the color of the asphalt runway, superimposed white steel plate lined with the second mark. The plate is securely fastened by four polished screws. Screws same, but “under the flat-head screwdriver,” attached and bezel.

The work was very carefully: slot screws from a single imaginary circle. Very nice piece, I think, the aircraft must be collected with the same care. The bezel includes a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating – even in bright sunlight, the information will be read perfectly. In itself, bezel engraved tachometer scale method is applied. All numbers, letters, and dashes are filled with black paint.

Casing 45 mm in diameter and about 15 mm in height made of 316L grade stainless steel. The metal surface is matte, color, thanks to special treatment, a bit like a gun metal. Design a convex, streamlined body and continue to perfect it, like spoilers, buttons, brings us back to the analogy of the cockpit.

Review of limited edition Mig-35 luxury watch

On the right side are located the controls in the form of two stopwatch buttons and knurled crown. They are done in such a way that even with gloves pilot can take advantage of them. The head is twisted, which, coupled with a screwed back cover keeps water resistance to 100 meters. The back cover is engraved on it, in addition to our usual technical labels and serial numbers limited model, depicted and MIG-35 itself.

Details and functions

In the center of attention – the two large black arrows of normal time skeleton at the base and filled 2/3 fluorescent compound. Green phosphor easily visible in the dark and dusk. He also covered the arrow key on the right dial seconds and overhead blocks hour markers – these small jumps are located across the entire diameter of the dial. If the arrow of time covered by the basic luminous composition, the stopwatch hands, in defiance of them, painted in red color, so that you can visually separate them easily.

Left Arrow dial accumulates time to 30 minutes (stopwatch), a large second hand, coming out of the center, counting the seconds, and the lower indicator placed under the tenths of a second. The first 30 seconds after the start, he got crazy (to match the insane speed fighter), then stops and shows the result even after you press the top button is responsible for a break. If you measure the length of more than 30 minutes, this arrow changes its purpose and becomes a clock drive, which makes it possible to detect up to 10 hours.

Review of limited edition Mig-35 luxury watch


Such timing functionality and the stopwatch is 10 hours with an accuracy of 1/10 of a second mechanism is implemented by the Swiss Ronda 5040.B. It features low power consumption – up to 70% in comparison with analogs, and declared term battery life is 54 months.

This mechanism allows the chronograph to put some time segments (Add function) or separate individual intervals (function “Split”). Another feature of the mechanism – a calendar “big date”. Its window is visible at the top of the dial. Such a large date display is possible due to two independent discs, each of which traced their numbers. To learn about the functionality of more highly recommend looking into the instructions, everything is very sensibly described in Russian.

Dimensions and belt

Sports Chronograph turned out pretty close. Thanks to perfectly fit the shape of the belt and wind the clock seem remarkable, but an integral part of the wrist. The watch is available on the corrugated rubber belt on the inner side is made brand belt crowned with a classic powerful Buckley, also adorned with the logo.

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