On the international luxury watch fair in Basel in 2016, it was presented to the next replenishment line MULTI-FIELD collection of Pro Trek – Watches Casio PRW-7000. We offer to meet with them closer.

Laconic – that’s the keyword that characterizes this model. All top-end multifunctional Triple Sensor fourth version is packaged in a minimalist package. All the variety of information provided by the clock (the bundle includes a statement about three centimeters thick), demonstrated the four arrows and one small, with a well-readable display. Many functions through Smart Access technology controlled by a single crown.

Pros:                                                                            Cons: 

Lightweight                                                               No Multi Band

Sporty look                  

Price is affordable(about $200)

Triple sensor( version 3)

Smart look

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Key features of Casio Pro Trek PRW-7000-1A luxury watch:

  1. Triple Sensor(Version 3)
  2. Thermometer
  3. Compass(digital)
  4. Radio-controlled MULTIBAND 6
  5. Tough Solar System
  6. Low-temperature resistant (–10ºC/14ºF)
  7. Illuminator(Neo)
  8. LED Lights(double)
  9. 650ft.  water resistance
  10. Smart Access
  11. Auto hand position system
  12. Hybrid mount construction improves movement durability.
  13. Retrograde hand
  14. Neon illuminator (Reflective face)
  15. Blacklight reacts with special ink on the hands and hour markers for easy reading, even in total darkness.



In absolute black dial Casio Pro Trek PRW-7000-1A so clearly visible contrasting white labels and arrows that you wonder: do the developers heard our prayers and made the clock, which is really seen time. Corporate 3D design, familiar to us from other models of the G-series, can be seen at once. From afar, the whole plane seems smooth, with white hour markers strokes. But raising a clock a little closer, you can see the depth created by the difference of the level of the dial.

luxury brand watches
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Markers gain volume, it becomes clear that they are false. The central place is occupied by three arrows, one thin second, painted in acid green, and two broad sword-shaped arrows hours and minutes. They skeletonized and covered composition Neobrite. Barcode Fluorescent applied and retrograde in the vicinity of five hours, the analog display is involved in many modes.


The first thing you see once in darkness, this green strokes drawn on the hour markers and the arrows on the strip. They light up when the clock before it visited in the light. But there is a double light, it can be activated automatically when you picked up the wrist closer to the face, or by pressing the large but merging with the button body. Fires ultraviolet LED, all the white parts begin to glow and looks is just luxurious: there are bright and comfortable reading and wow-effect of a variety of colors.

LED illuminates the inside of the second display located at 12 o’clock. This, incidentally, the only numeric field on the dial, in accordance with the stylistics of hours it is made with a black background and bright figures. On the bright sun information is read from it perfectly, do not have to squint, well illuminated with an activated all the more.

Materials used and belt

Protected dial sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, such Casio usually put only on the premium segment of the series G-SHOCK. Do not forget about the metal: steel powder-coated black bezel is made, the back cover, the function buttons, and screw-down crown. Housing multilayer, made of very high-quality plastic, the feeling persists expensive things, even though you know that it is not noble material.

Greater tactile delight in these hours is strap – outside feels similar to silk. Inside strap reinforced carbon inserts – one of the latest innovations Casio. It is increasingly common in new models, and expensive is the default. The manufacturer assures us that breaking these belts become stronger at times. Belt absolutely smooth – yet another credit to the treasury of the simplicity of design.

Dimensions hours

Case dimensions are absolutely men: 46 mm diameter of the bezel, and all projections about 58 mm, at a considerable height – nearly 1.5 centimeters – housing those hours take pride of place among the accessories of a real man.


As befits Pro Trek, PRW-7000 are protected against dust and shock, and water resistance of this model – 200 meters, they will survive even rafting on the mountain river. Watches are designed to be reliable, simple to use and functional.

Let us dwell on their capabilities. For a functional answer already familiar triple sensor of the latest generation. It measures air pressure, temperature, altitude and compass control work. With each version of Casio improves the accuracy and reliability of their devices, millions of users around the world are already convinced of this. Let’s see how it works.

Management features

On the bezel, you will see the engraving corresponding buttons located below them.

Press COMP button is activated compass mode. The second-hand points to the magnetic pole of the earth and the display show the angular value in degrees in relation to the object to which you sent the 12-hour mark. Compass has a notebook line, the ability to adjust the magnetic declination according to the map, in general, is indispensable even with orienteering.

Press ALTI and the digital display shows the current altitude above sea level, and the retrograde hand shows the difference in altitude along your route, starting from the dispatch point, the so-called drop height. Also on display will show the last 6 measurements in a graph.

Long press DISPLAY button in the altimeter mode will set the current point as a reference. In combination with a map that will help determine the proximity to the end point, or calculate the average speed of movement along the route. To manually adjust the current reading of the altimeter, pull out the crown and rotate it to set the desired setting. Then return the crown to its original position, and you’re back in the measurement mode.

The same DISPLAY button in the current time will show the atmospheric pressure in the units that you have set in advance, for example, or hectopascal millimeters of mercury. A small arrow at the same time shows the difference between the current and previous pressure measurement. Based on this, we can conclude it falls or rises, and therefore what the weather is expected.

This will help schedule on the display showing the last few measurements. The watch provides notice of sudden change in weather due to the pressure difference: in this case, an alarm will sound and the screen will display a flashing light. The storm will not catch you by surprise.

In the main mode, press the button MODE twice and the screen will display the ambient temperature. Reliably measuring range from -10 C to +60 C. By the way, the clock is resistant to low temperatures, all devices will work flawlessly. Given that you will use them on hand, we can assume that your heat will warm them in more severe frosts.

Fourfold pressing MODE button in the same basic time will show us tide level at six in the morning the current date. The date and time can be changed manually and find the level at the right time. This press DISPLAY mode button on the electronic display displays the age of the moon, that is, the number of days with the new moon. All information is shown to you in the selected city locations settings.

Basic functions and something else

Of course, in the presence of the whole set of instruments for measuring time: stopwatch, timer, alarm clock, world time mode, all you need for any situation. Not forgotten and the sun – hours prior to 2099 are set to show the time of sunrise and sunset for any date.

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And as a cherry on the cake is presented to fishing mode. We will not reveal all the secrets, this useful mode, of course, is a recommendation, but it will be appreciated by all lovers of this type of holiday. Tip: for some, it may be the best gift.

As a result, we have received an excellent multipurpose luxury watch. No overpayment of expensive materials (compare with the price of titanium PRX-8000), but made so that you do not want to let them out of hand. Inside – the latest Japanese technology. Outside, the sleek design and appearance, worthy of any wrist. This is a true Made in Japan, which will break the no men’s heart

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