The world of Swiss luxury watches really changed and was shocked by the appearance of Bomberg brand, created by Rick de la Croix. The word comes from the bomb, the bomb, and berg – a mountain that perfectly characterizes the spirit of the brand and its desire to blow up the well-established, conventional ideas while reaching heights of excellence. This year, the clock appeared in Russia, two incredible both technically and in terms of style models and we will tell.

Overview of Swiss luxury watch Bomberg

Transformers Bomberg Luxury Watches

The manufacturer has taken a unique niche in the market by releasing the clock transformers. These models are “flick of the wrist turn …” from the wrist to the pocket. Just turn the body – is the author’s turning mechanism – and separates it from the lugs and belt. Now you can rearrange it in a special frame-locket, reaching complete, attach the chain – and you will be in the hands of a pocket watch.

In recent years, this segment has received increasing attention, but it’s a bonus Parmigiani Fleurier, Bovet, Chopard, a classical form and content exclusively pocket model Tissot, Longines – they are not going to wear on hand at all desire.

Bomberg offers exactly the same transformers, and in absolutely incredible designs to suit all tastes – from modernism to theme, as two of the review model. The price for the excellent Swiss-made watch is quite competitive. Do not forget that inside beats the excellent Swiss movement Selita w200, for comparison – the Oris watch creates his masterpieces on the same basis.

Skull and Bones

Dial hours Bomberg BS45ASS.039-4.3 mesmerizing magic underworld forces unseparated look at the clock. The central place is occupied by the skull bones, it is designed as a sandwich panel made of black and silver plates, in conjunction with the patterns they create a surround effect.

Date window – Skeleton skull crown (unexpected, but most likely, the planned pun). This symbol is well known in the Western world, and in the culture of modern peoples living in Latin America, it has come even from the ancient Indians, whose skull meant death and resurrection. At home, they often kept the skull of relatives, as a kind of heirloom. The modern tradition is the image refers to the thoughts not only of death but of new life, following her. Figure pleasant and representatives of subcultures, such as bikers.

Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating has a dome shape, is a real gift to fans and connoisseurs of watchmaking. Oblique stripes constituting decor housing, we again refer to motorcycles, as reminiscent of detail tuning. The case is a classic round shape, with a diameter of 45 mm and 10 mm thick, and assembled with a frame-locket to the pocket version of the clock at the highest point reached 2 cm.

In other design elements used in the respective motives: this gothic minute markers and inscriptions and patterns reminiscent of Celtic, and, of course, the spikes – they are everywhere. The biggest “sat” on the belt, they are covered with the bezel and the side circumference of the housing, and the smallest are woven into the pattern on the dial.

The classic combination of colors – it’s a win-win black, white and red, which explode the green second hand, well, not all steel men’s watch anywhere. Large crown, located at the top, surely screwed into the case, and hands control easily.

Biker theme continues in a leather strap with denim upholstery, spikes, and massive cast Buckley. Change to a third-party belt is not recommended: the clock exactly loses a share of charisma, so that the replacement orders the original.

The frame-locket pocket watch and chain, at times, increase the number of bones and skulls. Thus, the clock twist around the wreath from the bones, and in the base of the skull rests ominous steel with burgundy stones in the eye sockets. From the skull falls chain, each new section which keeps the jaws of another skull. The back-wall frame is decorated with a medallion engraved – the floral motif of roses and a classic symbol of the Day of the Dead in Mexico and member of biker tattoos.

Ghost samurai

Lovers of an oriental culture dedicated. Before us is another limit a Bomberg BS45ASP.036.3, with the dial that looks at us, head ghost warrior samurai Kabuto, a traditional Japanese martial helmet. Image Samurai performed on the whole plate, including the brand logo and two katana – symbol of Japan.

Two hands, hour and minute, also resemble swords, but it is another story, their heart is filled with a fluorescent composition in black (in the dark it glows green, but not bright). The tip of the second hand is covered with a white composition, its glow much brighter, despite the size.

The very hand is made of blued steel and crowned with the brand logo. The blue color is selected as the main contrasting bar: made of blued steel hour markers and overhead, and the pattern of the kabuto, obtained a sort of Gzhel from Japan.

Central decorative plate rests on a guilloche in a pearlescent white square. Similar squares, but black on the side of the housing. The housing is steel, but the bezel and its circumference coated with black paint by PVD, which guarantees durability compared with standard staining. The samurai watches the same convex glass, as in the model of the skull.

Belt and from the inside and the outside of the leather, it is stylized katana hilt: it is interwoven straps and peep holes in grainy leather dark blue. Closing his eyes, you can imagine that you hold the legendary stick. Classical Buckley – not the most convenient type of fastener during closing (needs some work), but the most reliable. In contrast to the sofa, so it never will undo itself. Accordingly, most of the heavy watch or clock, which can be easily damaged if dropped (gold, for example) are completed in this way.

The “pocket” mode, the clock fall into a heavy frame-locket, equipped with his samurai and swords. This tandem edging black body looks even more profitable if before this color flowed into the belt, there is a strong contrast with the silver stand, a kind of yin-yang. The chain is decorated in a relaxed manner, some rings coated pattern, and others simply polished to a shine.

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