This luxury watch is for those who cannot live without a car. This is a clock with the spirit of speed. This men’s quartz watch chronograph Casio Edifice ERA-300DB-1A2.

Specification of Casio luxury brand watch

Movement: quartz
housing: IP partially coated steel
Clock face: the black
A bracelet: steel
Waterproof: 100 meters
Backlight: Neon Illuminator
Sound signal: 5 alarm clocks, one with Snooze function, hourly signal
Glass: mineral
The calendar: Automatic: (up to 2099g)
Dimensions: 49,8×46,9mm, 13,4mm thick, 167g weight

The coated mineral glass dial Casio Edifice ERA-300DB-1A2 can be lost at first – the number of counters and characters rolls over as the arrow on the speedometer. Only a consistent inspection puts everything in its place: the digital compartment on the right side of the dial is used to display the calendar indications, thermometer (-10 to +60 Celsius), immediately set up to 5 alarms. The fixed alarm is endowed with the ability to repeat a signal for those who are particularly difficult given the awakening (Snooze) – the Casio branded option, used in the same hours ProTrek and G-Shock.

 Men's luxury watch: Casio Edifice ERA-300DB-1A2

Along the edges of the dial marked reduction in the names of cities (from Paris to Rio de Janeiro) on the face of the existence of “world time” function. Model ERA-300DB-1A2 Edifice line really has the ability to quickly change the time zone settings, but this set of useful features does not end there.

Reliability of this popular watch

Large letters in the four ends of the dial – a sign that the watch has a compass. See long seconds hand with an orange tip? When you press the button, it will point to the north. Watches also remember compass readings (memory for recording 100 values, course). The compass, as well as everything that happens on the dial, perfectly readable in the dark thanks to the bright illumination Casio Neon Illuminator.

Chronograph counters located on the dial, operate the control buttons placed on the right side of the steel shell coated with a partial IP. The crown with protection, surprisingly, is not placed between the chronograph control buttons – it is put to the left side of the body, together with buttons to switch between functions. It is not only “unload” the right side of the Casio Edifice ERA-300DB-1A2, but also made use of the models surveyed more convenient for those who wear the watch on his right hand. We should give that counters resemble dashboard gauges – in the design of watches definitely feel a real drive!

Casio Edifice ERA-300DB-1A2 resistant to the ingress of water from outside. Yes, the clock continues to run after the awards ceremony with optional jets and splashes of champagne, got on the case.

Swimming – yes! But deep dive ERA-300DB-1A2, unfortunately, will not stand. But external damage data men’s watch with chronograph reflects honorably: steel casing weighing 167 grams and the size of 49,8×46,9 mm. What is the result? Great watch for the fan speed, and travel!

And by the way, in this line still, have a few models! The same stylish, dynamic, full of drive!

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