Wristwatches are not just an accessory, but a real technically complex device that needs careful treatment and regular care. Usually, luxury wrist watches are purchased in accordance with the daily tasks of the owner. So, with the onset of vacation, they sometimes have a hard time.

When we go on vacation, then often the habitual way of life changes. Sometimes to a more active one. And despite the fact that most luxury wrist watches design for many daily situations. There are a few things that must avoid. So that, your luxury wrist watches are not affected and remain in perfect condition.

Tips care for luxury wrist watches

Many vacations start from the airport. Passing inspection, consisting of several stages, passengers, and their luggage is scanned using special devices. Each of these machines creates around itself a magnetic field with varying degrees of intensity. Which can affect the work of the watch movement? Because, like most metal materials, your wrist accessory is able to attract.

luxury wrist watches
Men’s Swiss wristwatch Wenger Roadster 01.0851.114

Under the influence of magnetic fields, quartz and mechanical luxury wrist watches behave differently. In the former, in view of the lower sensitivity, the movement of the arrows may slow down and even stop altogether. As the accessory is removed from the scanner the course is restored. But it requires correction.

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With a mechanical clock is more difficult

The smallest details of the mechanism, magnetized, can “stick together” with each other. In this case, it is impossible to do without the help of a qualified specialist. The conclusion can be made one – keep the accessory away from the equipment, and everything will be fine.

Direct sunlight

In pursuit of bronze, tan can carry away and lose track of time. Long stay on the beach in direct sunlight is unlikely to strengthen your health. In addition, your favorite wrist watch also will not say thank you. The fact is that the active sun contributes to premature drying of the lubricant in the mechanical clock. As well as a significant reduction in the life of the battery in quartz.

luxury wrist watches
Men’s Swiss wristwatch Edox Chronorally-S Chronograph 10229-3CANIN

Temperature differences

But the even more unpleasant effect on the watch has temperature changes. For example, after another basking, you decided to dive into the cool sea waves. As a result, the reduction may form on the inside of the dial. Most likely, it will disappear by itself, but there are exceptions and then without the help of a master cannot do.

In the meantime

Sharp temperature changes also affect rubber seals, on which the housing of the watch depends. The deformation of the gaskets provokes the penetration of moisture and water. In turn, causes corrosion of internal elements and failure of the entire mechanism.

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Respect for water resistance

Respect for water resistance is an important nuance for those who prefer to spend their holidays at the seaside or by the pool. Given how much difficulty is caused by the correct reading of this marking, it will not be superfluous once again to understand what level of water protection is what is intended for.

luxury wrist watches
Casio G-SHOCK G-Classic GA-100-1A2 Men’s Casual Wrist Watch

Water protection from 50m (5 ATM/bar) guarantees the tightness of the case when the wrist watch accidentally hits the water. It’s better to refrain from swimming. Water protection from 100m (10 ATM/bar) is enough for calm swimming. A-level from 200m (20 ATM / bar) – for recreational diving.

Before swimming, tighten the crown clockwise until it stops, and during the bath do not press the buttons, If any. In addition, after swimming, be sure to rinse the watch case from the sea.

Chemical Products

Luxury wrist watches are very susceptible to the effects of chemical products. Whether it’s perfumery or detergents – with the direct contact they can damage the outer shell of the housing. Also, affect the density of the sealed gaskets.

And although you can easily do without the above-mentioned things in the beach conditions. There is one that you will use for sure. Of course, we are talking about sunscreen. Despite the benefits brought to your skin, it does not need to watch.

luxury wrist watches
luxury wrist watches


Sand that can meet abundantly on the beach is merciless in relation to the luxury wrist watches. Despite the small size of the particles. They are hard abrasive elements, capable of granting the body of the luxury wrist watches with minute scratches and damaging the protective coating.

Therefore, we recommend that you avoid any contact with it. Gently rinse the accessory in fresh water. If water protection does not allow it, leave the watch in the hotel room.


If you determine to spend a vacation actively, and your watch is not ready for sports events, we advise you not to check them for strength. Shake-ups, vibrations and occasional strokes, most likely, will only bring harm to the accessory.

Save an elegant accessory for the evening walkway, and for running, playing beach volleyball or riding a bicycle, use universal sports models. With the luxury wrist watches, as with clothes, the same rule applies – everything has its time and place.

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