For centuries mankind has dreamed of learning to fly. Researchers and romance, risking their lives crossing the oceans of the planet and the envelope on the first airships and airplanes. And in our time, on the eve of the beginning of private space travel into orbit, the dream to soar above a home and a nearby river to see from the cockpit stirs many minds.


Constant companion pilots always had a watch and a compass, without which navigation is unthinkable. It is for the Brazilian aviator Santos-Dumont invented the wristwatch Louis Cartier – they strap is attached directly to the body.
Aviation has evolved and with it the watchmaking. Appeared complexity required pilots – on the bezel and dial are applied to a variety of slide rules, changed the design and ergonomics for ease of use. Today, all this functionality assumed the electronics. Take a look at the wrist of any aviator and you will see the exact course of the arrow his faithful timepiece. Professionals hold a tribute to tradition and at the same time keep an extra tool for emergency situations. If you do not have a cherished pilot license, but still feel a craving for the sky and fly, look at the clock the Casio the G-Shock the GW-4000R-4A .


Even just helping his friend to equip it’s “Cessna” at the nearest airport, you will see that these watches have been chosen for a reason. They are cheap for its class, are not afraid of dirt, motor oil, and even the occasional bumps. Auto adjusts the shooter happens every hour, five minutes before the next hour. Automation will detect and correct the error if the position of the hands is distorted influence of magnetic fields or electricity.


Luxury watches Overview: Casio G-Shock GW -4000R-4A

Key Features of this Luxury brand watch:

Mechanism: quartz
Housing: steel IP-coated plastic
Clock face: the black
A bracelet: plastic
Water resistant: Depth 650 ft.
Backlight: Neobrite
Sound signal: alarm clock
Glass: convex mineral
The calendar: Auto: date, day of the week (until 2099)
Dimensions: 52,9h50,4 mm, thickness 15.6 mm and weighs 75 g

Bright representative Aviation G-Shock line combines advanced watch technology, functionality, usual in this series of 200-meter water resistance and protection against scratches, dirt, and bumps. In addition to all this, GW-4000R can withstand a drop from a great height, and their progress will not affect the accuracy of a strong vibration and overload. It has been repeatedly proved by series of tests, the conditions which significantly exceed the rigidity of those real situations in which you may find yourself. Triple resist structure – the so-called system of triple protection against external influences. The clock will continue to work after the fall, withstand strong shock and pressure of several atmospheres (tests were conducted under conditions of 20G), and certainly easily survive with your takeoffs and landings on aircraft of any type of training in zero gravity.

The case of the chronograph measuring 52.9 by 50.4 mm is made with an eye to the future needs of the pilot and is clearly inspired by the way the dashboard. Clear overhead labels stand out on the dial, and the sword-shaped arrows to the unique coating can instantly take the time. On the perimeter of the housing arranged corrugated buttons, easy to use. Glass somewhat recessed in relation to the bezel, which gives another plus to strength. The combination of black and white makes a “picture” as clear and bright polymer strap, painted in orange color, perfectly visible from afar, as signal lights and airfield lighting on the roofs of skyscrapers.

Current time arrows show the main dial. The top left display also shows most of the time, but in 24-hour format, so that, after a few hours in the hangar, and lost track of time, you can immediately understand, day or night outside. The right display shows the current time day of the week and the lower left shows the second time zone or if you do not choose, the default UTC time. The ability to set the alarm clock will help you become an even more punctual person and never be late. The well-known technique of charging by sunlight tough solar, already tested for many years and thousands of users, will make you forget that this replacement battery.

This best value luxury watch can receive an accurate time signal from one of the six centers of broadcast and synchronized with it, as indicated by the notation Multi-Band 6. There are two ways to calibrate signal – automatic and manual, in which you are activating start synchronization. This way for Russian citizens is irrelevant since coming to the tower, we are in the west of Germany and the east of Japan and sure cover is only about five hundred kilometers. But, theoretically, the signal can “catch”, at a distance of up to one and a half thousand kilometers, so that the effort is worthwhile. Auto-calibration mode is always enabled, so you just need to activate the mode of the current or world time. Removing hours before going to bed, put them horizontally on the window sill, and in the morning, check whether the experience was a success. Press the “A” key for this purpose in the current time. If the second hand at the show Y (yes), the calibration was successful. After a few such experiments, you will understand whether the signal comes up to you at least periodically.

One of the two main complications of this popular brand watch

Which will surely come in handy in many situations? With it, you can measure the individual time intervals up to 1/100 of a second. Function display of shares given to the second hand of the current time and the right arrow display. According to bezel painted tenths of a second, and the right display is lined sector from 0 to 9, are hundredths. The first half a minute after the activation timing second-hand turns at breakneck speed on the dial, it looks very impressive. Minutes and seconds will show us the whole located at the bottom left of the world time display. In connection with this limited interval timer slightly less than 24 minutes. Yes, a little, but it will be enough, for example, to jump with a parachute and measure the free fall and then just jump to the landing.

Luxury watches Overview: Casio G-Shock GW -4000R-4A

World time function

The second and most important complication in GW-4000R. The highest level of accuracy of the display time, which was mentioned above, ease of use and mode of reading information, visual accents – literally everything emphasizes that this watch will be the best friend of those who constantly travels and performs transatlantic flights even if not as a pilot. The function will be very useful in the event that someone from the family lives or temporarily stored far away from you.

If you are a proud owner of these hours, during setup you need to correctly set the home time zone and do not forget about the summer time. In Russia, the transition to it is canceled, but the rest of the world, this fact is important. So, if you’re in the Moscow time zone, then to set the home time in the summer, choose “Athens” (ATH on the scale of cities bezel) and turn DST mode (this is the summer, while the standard abbreviated STD) on the right small screen . At the same time on the main arrow shows “home” time and the lower left dial indicates the time in another time zone you selected. By default, it shows the standard time UTC (time zero time zone, without taking into account daylight savings time). If you enable the world time mode, the second hand will point to the current time zone. To change it, press the «D», then the second hand will move to other cities and lower display at the same time show the appropriate time. It is displayed in 24-hour format so that at first glance to be clear what it is now time. Pressing and holding the button for 2 seconds, “B”, you can print the map a second-time zone on the main dial, then the time will be spent on the lower left display home region. Press again to restore reading to their original positions.

Universal Time Coordinated, UTC time taken for the “zero”. Matches GMT the, time, Greenwich Time zone, which is considered a reference point. Time zones to the west of it are provided with an indication of “-” (minus, that is, there is a particular point in time less than 1 hour, 2 and so on), and to the east “+” (plus, that is, there is more time).

Daylight Saving (Summer) Time , adopted in many, though not all, countries of the world system of daylight saving time (the period from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October) for the purpose of efficient use of daylight and energy savings. In Russia, at the moment Daylight Saving Time canceled. In contrast to the summer, there is the concept of standard time, STD.

As you can see, in addition to the reliable series G-Shock basic characteristics in their most refined form, this model is no different than a wide range of features and modes. In these hours there is nothing superfluous, they are functionally designed for specific tasks and perform them with glitter. This is not a toy and not a fashion accessory, and high-precision tech device that will serve you flawlessly for many years and meet all the requirements of your professional or just an active lifestyle.

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