The basic material for the manufacture of luxury watch straps and bracelets are leather, rubber, and metal. But the latter material does not differ long service life, and metal bracelets are not always sat comfortably in the hand. The straps are made of leather are most widely, and in this article, you will learn how they are made.

Strap, before it gets into the hands of collectors, is many stages of the selection and preparation of the material. All steps are performed manually.Manufacture of leather watch straps

The process of making leather luxury watch straps

First, and most importantly, it is the absence of any damage or defects. In the event of a finding of marking or tearing her marriage and consider in the production of leather is not fed. A good material is cut with patterns to impart the desired size blanks. Some skin varieties have an interesting texture, which also affects the choice of material. Then, a large number of operations to be exactly how much depend on the desired product quality. These operations include:

At the conclusion of the Convention on International Trade in Rare Species of wild flora and fauna have been established rules, common to all, on the content and treatment of animals. Now all manufacturers are required to use leather straps obtained legally – hunting and specialized farms.

The skin can cause allergies, so it is treated with fever. In the manufacture of watch, straps take only natural materials: natural oils and waxes for tanning, metal fasteners for does not contain nickel, rubber adhesive.

Qualitative straps are required to have a high resistance to bending and abrasion resistance, to withstand prolonged tension and dampness action. Good resistance to the sun’s rays and skin perspiration. For all this, the straps are made of 2 layers and more.

The upper layer in most cases is that the skin before it goes through several stages of preparation. then – cotton fleece, which includes a breathable material. The bottom layer – A forged skin, which is made with holes for “breathing” arms. To shape and volume of the product inner layer made of high-quality rubber, whereby it becomes elastic strap.

Manufacture of leather watch straps

In simple straps fasten first upper and lower layers, then cut the edges and paint over them. The strap of a higher quality of all layers tested by the vice, under high temperature treated edges and covered with paint several times.

Much attention is paid to the profile of the strap, if required by the quality of the product, – it should be perfect. To this end, the upper ends of the skin to buckle under the lower, fixed inside and sutured. The amount of strap is attached by synthetic and leather lining; they just stitched together with the other layers.

In fact, the basic locking layers occur by gluing and stitching is used for decoration, but also a merging help prevents denomination of the product earlier period, thus increasing the service life of the strap.

The place where the strap is attached to the watch, the most susceptible to abrasion, so use the insertion of cylindrical shape made of plastic. They also help to strap swing freely, gives ease of installation and removal.

The clips are made of metal, so they are hypoallergenic. There are many choices of designs and coatings. Basic metals: stainless steel, aluminum, titanium. There are precious metals – platinum and gold. To make a long gloss chrome plated fasteners microelectronic method.

Manufacture of leather watch straps

In large enterprises, all finished products are subject to obligatory labeling: the name of the manufacturer, the size and the type of model. For those who like something unusual and rare, it is possible to apply the pattern on the top layer by pressing the thermostatically. Usually, drawing imitates natural leather crocodile, ostrich, and lizard. But, of course, for the expensive watch straps are made of genuine leather, alligator, snakes, etc. Such watch straps are of the most value.

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