Top 10 luxury watch brand list here:

  1. Audemars Piguet,
  2. Patek Philippe,
  3. Blancpain,
  4. Chopard,
  5. Rolex,
  6. Panerai,
  7. Piaget SA,
  8. Cartier,
  9. Bell & ross,
  10. Seiko.

About luxury watches companies and their services

These watches are equipped with a mechanical movement conceived and performed entirely according to the highest standards of watchmaking. To enjoy the exceptional accuracy and beauty of your watch for many years, periodic maintenance is required. Every brand recommends checking or, if necessary, checking the watch every 3 to 5 years at an official repair center. For maintenance, you can take the watch to a branded boutique or an official dealer, or send it to the repair center of your choice.
It is not necessary to carry it in the original case, but it is important that it is well protected if possible accompanied by the original warranty card. In the case of shipping, use a safe shipping mode.
They will inform you of the correct reception of the watch. A qualified watchmaker will open the box, check the operation, seal and movement functions, and then perform a general check before making a budget. According to the diagnosis, you will be offered two types of service: a partial service or a full service.


During the full service, the watchmaker conducts a review of the movement. To do this, it will dismantle the entire gauge, clean all the elements and change any possible defective components. Then it will reassemble the movement, lubricate it and then make the adjustment and control of the gear, the functions, and the autonomy.
Whether the service is complete or partial, the case and belt will be maintained. The operation begins with cleaning the case and the metal bracelet inside an ultrasonic bath. All the joints (box, crown, pushbuttons, and correctors) will be replaced and then the belt will be fitted and positioned. If the service is complete, there will also be a revival of the box and the metallic bracelet.
The review, both partial and complete, will end with quality control. The watchmaker will check the tightness according to the specifications of the model and then proceed to carry out a final inspection of the watch. If the service is complete, there will be a final control of the movement in five positions, as well as the functions.

To protect the luxury watch from damage, we recommend taking the following precautions:

  1. Keep the clock away from any type of magnetic field (computer screens, televisions, clock radios, etc.).
  2. Do not expose the watch to heat sources.
  3. Do not use the chronograph needle as a second hand (in constant operation).
  4. Before any contact with the water, check that the crown is firmly against the box.
  5. After using at sea, systematically rinse the watch with fresh water.
  6. Do not use the watch while playing sports with sudden movements (golf, tennis, horse riding, etc.).
  7. For chronographs, do not use the buttons while the watch is submerged.

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