Reading written by the American author of the book, which takes place in New York, or enjoying the view of the Hollywood film, often catch myself thinking: “And how heroes always know where the west and east ..?” – Even in police dialogue in phrases regularly meet the pursuit of the “they went to the East!” in the big Apple, especially in Manhattan, most of the streets and all the so-called – east or west with sequential numbering, for example, East 56th and West 7th. In Russia, it is not accepted in everyday life oriented to the cardinal, except that you nine, you’ve just discovered the world of adventure novels and all the free time spent in the “travel” to nearby streets and parks.

School lessons life safety, so rarely go beyond a boring office, have left many of us to have very vague memories. Also, unclear ideas about which side of the tree growing moss (by the way, is not always to the north), most likely, it could hardly determine which direction you are facing. But, lo and behold, even the most simple analog clock (clockwise presence and marks required) will help us in the daytime to orient in space and do not get lost in an area where there is no any navigation.

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Orienting the Sun

To fairly accurately determine where the south, any sufficient hours clockwise and visible on the solar horizon. To do this, remove the watch, keeping them horizontally – it’s convenient to do on a flat surface – and expand so that the hour hand pointing to the sun.

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Divide in half the angle between the hour hand and the mark of 13-00 hours. If you are conducting an experiment on one day around the corner, take the gap that the hour hand must go to 13-00 hours, if later – which happened after.

The straight line divided the angle in half and points to the south. Thus, becoming a person in this direction, you leave behind the north, the east would be on your left, and the West will be on the right.

What is a “solar noon”?

Some sources, and even directly in the instructions to the clock, you can find a description of this technique, where instead of the afternoon a guide will be at noon. Solar noon – the time when the sun is at its zenith, and stick the simplest sundial casts the shortest shadow, pointing to the north (the Sun in such a case is toward the south). For time alignment of the actual world and lunar noon it is true enough, but in Russia, due to daylight saving time (which is greater than the local time zone by 1 hour) and the cancellation of the summer transfer clock, the term “solar noon” is closer to the mark of 13-00.

Bezel: useful detail

Some luxury watch provided with a rotating bezel (rim) which can be placed both outsides and inside the cabinet, under the glass. If the bezel is lined directed light side, and probably the angles values, then orient yourself is even easier: Finding South, align with the direction of the mark, denoted by the letter the S. Cardinal points are defined, you can go, knowing exactly aimlessly. Those who have become the proud owner of “marching” clock with built-in compass, it will be interesting to test this method, checking the evidence from electronic data.

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