In this article, we will answer the fundamental question of all women: what decorations are considered mandatory in the box? And in general, if there are basic products, which are suitable for different occasions and images? According to stylists enough to buy only a few decorations to create a modern, spectacular jewelry wardrobe. What? Let’s see!

Jewelry wardrobe
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Set with pearls

Pearl – absolute luxury. No other decoration does not have such alluring, mysterious aura as a product with this mineral. The secret of the incredible popularity of the pearl lies in its soft glow and beauty that nature itself has laid in it. Pearl earrings, ring or pendant will give the image of charm and tenderness. In this case, choose models with a concise design. They make a harmonious couple and their suits and luxurious evening dress.

Elegant earrings

Elegant earrings, filled with grace and a touch of luxury, it seems to never go out of fashion. A large stone in the center, framed by several small stones – the most popular design earrings today. The most suitable lock in such models will be English (it is useful primarily to the fact that the load on the earlobe distribute evenly). Preferred a neutral stone color: blue, blue, clear, brown. These may be crystals, diamonds or sapphires. By the way, these earrings do not just hint at the open neckline, they demand it! Incredibly sexy …

Long Arm

Long suspension and all kinds of statuary embody a special power – visually they make the silhouette slenderer. Is not this tending to 99% of women?! Like, you do not have such a decoration? It is time to urgently allocate a place for it in the box.

But the more conservative women are advised to look at the wide range of small pendants, lockets, and pendants, presented in our shop. No doubt the variety of design solutions will allow you to choose exactly the model of sweet, which had long dreamed of and it is the perfect complement to your image.

A bracelet

It can be thin or wide chain model, decorated with stones, pendants or bracelet with the original design. One of the most popular fashion trends combine offers several models: different style, width, decor. But one bracelet will be enough to add to the image of fresh notes.

A ring for each day

At least one ring should be every girl. The universal version is considered to be a classic model of gold and silver. And if before in the “ring every day” unconditional primacy belonged to some modest fine options, then today in the broader trend, charismatic model. And that ring is not turned into a cocktail category, choose a concise instance, the decor of which there are only small rocks.

Cocktail ring

But larger stones and original character design for cocktail rings. Maximalist in the details – 100% fashion trend in 2016. This season, the rings deliberately massive, they simply cannot be missed! But do not think that this fashion is transient. Stylists in one voice say that the power of the ring is boundless and constant.

Believe me, these Chronograph & decorations will be enough to create a stylish image. Do not be afraid to be bright. Experiment, create new, be on trend!

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