Denim fashion does not go away, holding its position in the world over the last several decades. This spring denim men from G-Shock poured into everyday life in the collection Denim’s Color and dilutes this flow model Slash Pattern with abstract pattern on the body. All models are made based on the famous watches G-Shock DW-5600. Look!

Jeans series and luxury watch abstract motifs on the G-Shock

G-Shock Luxury Watches like creative people who appreciate all unusual. The watch design from a series Denim’s Color will find a response not only in their soul, in fact, absorbed all the best from the world of technology and street fashion. The classical form of “Ever» Casio-end mid-1980 has gained a return under the name G-Shock, absorbing advanced technology. First of all, it is impact and ease of maintenance. Rather, the almost complete absence of the latter – just change the batteries according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and no more hassle.

Specifications of this luxury brand watches:

DW-5600DC-2E DW-5600DC-1E
Movement: quartz quartz
housing: plastic plastic
Clock face: LCD gray LCD black
Bracelet: plastic plastic
Waterproof: 650ft 650ft
Back-light: EL EL
Sound signal Alarm, Hourly Time Signal Alarm, Hourly Time Signal
Glass: mineral mineral
The calendar: Auto: date, day of week, month (up to 2039g) Auto: date, day of week, month (up to 2039g)
Dimensions: 48,9×42,8mm, 13,4mm thickness, weight 53g 48,9×42,8mm, 13,4mm thickness, weight 53g

In the morning, I wanted to wear a light denim jacket? Do not forget it under the appropriate clock. In the evening, we gathered where – in dark jeans? G-Shock offers them a couple!

In a familiar artist’s exhibition? Model Slash Pattern on the wrist and not a word more. She will hear the opinion of their work. Then he sees the clock. Perhaps even to express their attitude towards them, seeing in this city of a gray paint on a black background of the things that very few people can see it. Most importantly – do not take G-Shock Denim’s Color and Slash Pattern only as a fashion accessory to complement the image of man. All models DW-5600 platform offer many useful features, it is really a multi functional electronic assistant for every day.

Jeans series and luxury watch abstract motifs on the G-Shock

To begin with, it is a watch with split – chronograph, which finds application not only in sports but also in other spheres of life. Style model of light and dark denim can operate in different time formats, as in 12 and in 24 hours. For those who have all clearly scheduled always in vogue Service (signals are not only an audible alarm but the indicator light), automatic calendar and a countdown timer up to 24 hours with auto repeat (I wonder how often people use this feature ?). Walking in the rain? You’re welcome, even under the shower! Water resistance – 200 M, all three copies can be used for recreational diving.

Case thickness at Denim’s Color models and Slash Pattern is not the greatest for the G-Shock (13,4 mm), fans will find this brand in your collection and watch more impressive dimensions. Weight – only 53 grams, this “shocks” to the lightweight “armor.” Nevertheless, all as strong. Other G-Shock does not happen. If he was alive today jeans maker Levi Strauss, he would just take a couple of G-Shock Denim’s Color. The collection, you know.

And what to Slash Pattern model … Their pattern resembles creativity Minoan – Tokyoite. In this gray – black bunch has a charm and its meaning. Perhaps with the advent of spring, this non-conformist watch will be associated with the first shower, wash boring snow.

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