best method of select a Swiss luxury watch:

What should I look for when choosing a Swiss luxury watch? For most people, “Swiss watch” expression brings to mind luxury, respectability, reliability and high quality. Some may call 3-4-known brand. This is usually common knowledge ends.

How to choose a Swiss brand luxury watch

Yes, Switzerland – Leading hour power, and it has no equal in the production of luxury watches (Frederique by Constant, of Maurice LA Croix, a Montblanc, the Oris, Perrelet, etc.). However, to date, Swiss watches are available for everybody. I’ll prove it below.

Remember! Swiss watches have the right to be called the hours that comply with the following rules:

  1. The watch is a Swiss movement (ETA, Ronda, ISA, Unitas, Valjoux, etc.)
  2. Installation of machinery and final testing hours were made in Switzerland.
    15 years ago, and the inscription Swiss made testified to the fact that the buyer has to do with Swiss watches. And more recently, the leading European fashion brands ( of Fendi, of Gucci, by Nina Ricci, of Versace, etc.) began to transfer their Swiss watchmaking in the factory, to once again emphasize the high status of the brand. The fans of these brands were able to enjoy the Swiss quality, without changing the name of the beloved!

There is another “rule”, however, the comic: To distinguish real from fake Swiss watches, toss them with all his strength on the concrete floor shop. If these hours, the seller must immediately die of a broken heart!

The price of Swiss watches is composed of the following options:

  1. The fame of the brand
  2. The complexity of the mechanism
  3. The presence of precious stones or other decorations
    When you first think about buying a Swiss watch, ready to start, how much they are willing to spend.

There are brands with a reasonable average price tag ( The Atlantic, Aviator, Luminox, Romania , the Victorinox ).

And there are brands that are periodically tapped the elite, the available collection ( Edox, Epos , the Louis Erard , of Raymond Weil ).

Most brands offer affordable Swiss watches for real 10-20 thousand. Price reduced by compromise solutions:

– The use of mineral glass instead of sapphire ( Adriatica, Alex, Candino , Continental is )

– Use the most simple machines ( abart , the Cover , Grovana , Kolber , the Swiss Military Hanowa , Roamer ).

Now imagine the situation. You are standing at the window with a Swiss clock: in one hand – beautiful model from a little-known brand, the other – the usual basic model from the brand with a great name. Same price. From the choice of agony, you save just 2 questions!

Consultant Store: What is the advantage of one hour before the others (except the name)?

Question yourself: which of them would best suit my style?

If the consultant is unable to name more advantages, the choice is clearly in favor of hours with a more attractive design for you!

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