The founders of the Luxury watch brand Guess Marciano brothers in the fashion industry has been 35 years. Throughout this period, the brand is constantly sought in their collections combine incongruous and discovers new horizons. Today, winning the love of young people around the world, under the Guess logo are not only extravagant clothes and accessories – now the brand can afford to be restrained and elegant, without changing the overall concept. The best proof – Wrist Watch Guess: male model W0871G1 and female W0826L1 with Japanese quartz movement.

Guess W0826L1: for her

Style Art Deco – the leitmotif of this model. The square case is polished to a shine; it was he who sets the basic tone of the hour. White dial plays pearlescent; he downright glows in the sun. The center square is framed by a silver bezel, the center of which is scattered grit crystals. Those crystals are large, tightly fitted to each other on the bezel. Overhead hour markers are made of polished stainless steel, as well as three arrows this time.

Guess luxury brand watch

There is an interesting symmetry: minute and second hands touch the edge of the markers in the form of bars (in Roman numerals, they come with a reserve), and the minute also fits perfectly into the corner of the central square-frame. Thanks to this detail, we can see how carefully approached designers to develop. The case and bracelet watches are made of stainless steel.

Bracelet model Guess Highline W0826L1 deserves special attention: the Milan-weave spike, perfectly straight coming out directly from the body, suddenly interrupted and goes into the large rectangular units. This creates a real optical illusion: seen on top of wrist watches and “network” and the back of the hand’s eyes the massive steel bracelet.

Part of the band, consisting of units made on the company GLink technology from Guess. Its main advantage is that you are alone, just the two movements, you can remove unnecessary links, reducing the band to the desired length, or add more.
The crown is large enough, it is convenient to use due to the size and checkered circle. The back cover closes, you can quickly open thanks to the convenient slot, which means the battery when you replace just a few minutes.

Guess W0871G1: for him

On the glossy black dial except for arrows of normal time and overhead hour markers, Roman numerals settled three round calendar indicator and indispensable traveling day/night pointer. The center of the dial slightly recessed, it is the deepening and put three switches the display.

Guess luxury brand watch

Day of the week is displayed on the left, to the right the numbers at the top of the month (the first letters of the English names of months through one shown, since «D» – December, January further blank label, letter «F» – February, etc.). At the bottom of the slot through figured we see the blue disc, showing a golden sun or moon, depending on day or night. Across the circle and around each calendar dial is lined “Railway”, which, combined with Roman numerals refer to the clock of strict classics.

Setting all values male Guess Delancy W0871G1 made crown from different positions. Climb into the calendar settings you only have in a leap year – Japanese quartz movement is not aware of February 29, the rest of the dates it will switch automatically.

The main body diameter of 44 mm bezel looks narrow, and the dial, on the contrary, a large, whereby a large number of elements does not look huddling together. Thickness mm 11 hours, out of the shirt they will not stand out, but in the narrow wrist will look quite massive.

Guess was not the fashion locomotive if it had not come up with its own flavor, combining tradition and the latest trends. This watch has become such a part of the bracelet, which lends originality of the classic round case. This proprietary development GLink: from the front, we see a subtle Milanese weaving but is flipped out and gaze presents a massive bracelet with large links of ribs. This bracelet is easy to shorten or lengthen them.

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