Some still share a strange belief that you cannot give the watch. Analog or digital watch – does not matter. Let’s try to understand the origins of beliefs – what is beautiful and useful accessory has earned a bad name as a gift?

Myth: give the watch- to the separation.

The version of the same myth: you cannot give sharp objects, and hours have arrows!

Truth: Some have heard that the present lover or friend watch – means court parting. Prone to superstition people will tell you that sharp objects can be “cut” relationship. Well, every opinion has a place to be, and yet we insist that this statement completely unfounded, if only because that is already millions of times refuted in real life.

But perhaps the truth in this superstition still there: giving Chinese crafts well-known brand, which is poured out in a week, you are, if not destroy the relationship, then certainly get your friend or loved one to doubt the sincerity of your feelings. Stylish exclusive model with the exact progress made with quality materials, on the other hand, will only strengthen mutual good feelings.

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Myth: give watches- means “invited to the funeral.”

Truth: like in the XXI century “black mark”, the signs of a mafia and frightening characters were to remain only in the movies.

Perhaps today, in a world where go to the site, tell fortunes, is considered nothing more than a joke, the forgotten one and a half minutes, the place for such superstitions already left. If you are still susceptible to them, think that the concept of “time” and “eternity” are inextricably linked and in a good way. Take a break reading a good non-fiction book about the non-linearity of time or watching TV series “Six Feet Under.” Healthy humor prolongs our life, so that will translate into a joke stupid belief plane. Reduce life are able to experience more of what to think and not worth it.

Myth: received as a gift watch, you get along with them the pain, emptiness, unhappiness.

Truth: written above phrase is to say on Halloween, pre-dressed zombie.

The pain and emptiness may overtake people exposed to excessive suspiciousness and groundless fears. But it is necessary to discuss with a specialist in medical subjects. And watch as a gift can only bring satisfaction and joy from the use of a functional gadget and the pleasure of wearing a stylish and elegant accessory, like watches with a leather strap.

And, of course, if we are talking about the pain: selecting a gift, is to remember the person to whom it is intended, and be guided by his tastes and needs, rather than their ideas about beauty – you may vary. Present, in fact, should please its recipient. And the better you know the person, the more likely you will be able to make his life a happiness, joy, and other good things.

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Myth: The clock cannot be to give and receive as a gift, you need to pay for them at least a symbolic amount, giving a return of, say, a coin.

Truth: barter still harmed to nobody, so why not pay for the gift, as strange as it may sound.

Well, what can I say – the myth is quite harmless, though meaningless. Time cannot be bought or sold, although many works of art of the characters they were trying to somehow manipulate. And if by philosophy and metaphysics go to the bare facts, the wristwatch – is primarily a beautiful and functional accessory device, it is possible to give in the same way as any other thing ever produced by man. Even more than that, to give hours of need! They are still present status, and a huge selection now makes it easy to choose the right model for every taste and occasion.

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