On the front the New Year holidays, and if you choose a gift for your special one, it is recommended to pay attention to luxury watches. This accessory is sure to become a nice and useful surprise that will please any person. And not to get lost among the many of models and not to be mistaken with the choice, we have prepared for you a few simple and useful tips.

Choose a style of dress

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If you have not a lot (and perhaps even these will be the first) in the personal collection of your gift recipient hours should consider the option of a universal model. Pick an accessory so that it fits the majority of his daily wardrobe.

The classic system would be the ideal option for a suit of a person will wear with great pleasure in the office and at business meetings.

Sports kind of classic fit with a chronograph to someone who lives in an active rhythm and not too strictly relates to compliance with the rules of the dress code.

One who is always dressed to the nines and in touch with the latest trends in men’s fashion, appreciate the stylish model from the well-known brand, discreet but expensive.

Do not forget that in matters of style is very important age. It is a hardly staid father of a family suit with bright fluorescent backlight clock as a serious gift, but a young guy will like classic rare “honesty.” Of course, there are exceptions, but still, try to remember the basic rules and combine them with a personal touch, then everything will turn out perfectly.


luxury watches
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Hours can also be selected in accordance with the hobbies. Sport and active guy who loves to ride, for example, on a snowboard or skis, a handy shockproof model in a bright massive case with anti-reflective coating, so that the sun does not blind and did not stop to see the evidence.

For men, carried away races, who never miss the stage of “Formula 1“, will be the best gift watch from the thematic series. Some brands, such as the Casio edifice, even released a special collection in collaboration with the racing teams.

Pay attention to the clock of the special commemorative series, released for the event, or in honor of a famous person. The exclusive model that exists in a small number of instances, in itself is valuable, and if also coincide with the interests – you will be 100% successful.

Select by occupation

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Activity is also not unimportant detail that should be considered when choosing a gift. After all, the luxury watches can not only be a spectacular accessory, but also a useful tool in solving a number of problems.

For someone who, for example, most of the time in foreign travel, watchmakers have long developed complications in the form of a second-time-zone, world time and time of day indicator. With this accessory, a man can easily navigate precisely in time and be punctual, in whatever part of the world was not.

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