Fish is looking for where it is deeper, and the person – which is cheaper, but the extremely low price has yet to alert you. In pursuit of a discount is likely to buy a fake. It concerns, by the way, not only online but also offline purchases.

Today we are at a live example of show and tell, what exactly are different original Japanese wristwatch Casio G-SHOCK from counterfeiting, which we booked into one of the many online stores (call it conditionally “X”) that offer this product at an incredibly low price.

When placing fake watches, in fact, we bought them blindly, as the online store “X” the seller does not consider it necessary to publish “live” photos of the item. On the site, there were only the promotional images, which countless can be found in the vast expanses of the Internet, by driving the appropriate name of the watch in the search box.

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It is interesting

It turns out that American often consciously looking for forgery on the Internet. According to a recent study, 20% wanted Casio watches, Tissot, Diesel, Omega, Hublot, Chanel etc.

In second place on the popularity of branded handbags Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Furla, Hermes – 19%, the third honorary occupies 11% Search iPhone fakes.


The difference in packaging catches the eye. Originally packaged in a beautiful box with a steel stamped logos brands and collections. The watch comes with instruction, book with an international warranty and warranty card. The surest proof will be stamped by an official dealer.

Fake is packed in a standard jar labeled Fashion Sport, and not to mix models, it fitted a transparent cover. Instead of instructions – a white foam.

Clock face

In addition, there are striking differences packaging and on the dials. Dial hours it looks fake “toy”, besides, it is less than a few millimeters, but the difference is only evident when compared with the original Casio G-SHOCK GA-100.

In the original on the face of additional indicators are limited overhead items (rings, etc.), but at the Fake plane of the dial – a one-piece, molded in its entirety.

The strong difference in how minute incisions are made (thin strokes in the original) and overhead hour indexes (more overhead, they only have the original). In Faika these elements are integral with the dial and inner bezel.

Round bar graphs differ dramatically. In a fake upper central dial to perform its function is not able, then the explanation is simple – it is drawn. In the upper left confused the order of the functions, and the right just randomly blinking, while the original is activated in the right using the stopwatch and shows thousandths of a second.

The difference evident in the bottom two digital displays. Do we see a fake extra character (static pattern with columns of letters), applied to the right of the display screen, beneath it forgot to include the appointment of the lower block, apparently, would-be masters do not know why they are in their copies?

On the front Photo, noticeable as the different background color in digital displays and the quality of fonts of writing in code on the bezel and the logo of the collection. In Faika they blurred in the original white paint is applied accurately and in the right place. In the area of 3, 6, 9 and 12 hours in the original inscriptions have auxiliary (shock resist, start-stop, and others), from forgery not.

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In the original, all the information is read immediately, even at an angle. In the presence of light and have small screens, even in the light makes it easier to read information.

At the same fake lights, barely visible, we can say that it does not exist at all, the font is not clear, there is some “blurring” that, together with glare thin plate of plastic covering the face, creates a difficulty in these perceptions.

In the lower part of the dial also visible differences in the mark of the brand logo, collection, and information about altogether crept error. But accidents are not accidental – from fake watches waterproof as such is absent.

Red ring, which gives a special flair design G-SHOCK GA-100, lies between their watch case and bezel. As is known, the “shocks” the housing component of the internal capsule and the outer casing of plastic. So, this ring is in place and connect them only sectors discern. Some Chinese craftsmen did not complicate their task, and the same red ring we see in its entirety.

Best watches reviews
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Side buttons

Side buttons in the original model painted in red and got fake buttons in body color. If we compare the corrugation, the original Casio G-SHOCK GA-100 clearly wins and from a functional and an aesthetic side: with clear pyramids, cannot compare smooth “bumps” Fake.

Case and Strap

There is a difference in the quality of plastic. The photo is noticeable that, unlike the original Casio G-SHOCK GA-100, in fake watches plastic, which is made of the case and strap, is flawed: roughness, blemishes, color irregularity. For the safety of the plastic is unlikely someone will answer, allergies should be careful.

Buckle at the original watches Casio G-SHOCK GA-100 and counterfeiting also differs: in Faika different form – more rounded edges, in addition, we see a polished metal instead of matte. And finally, the form of the logo of the company Casio – from the original it is applied by stamping, using another type of font.

Back cover

The engraving on the back covers of hours there is differences, too: the font size, the lack of some inscriptions, factual errors. First of all, watch model: if you type in a search engine GA-100 5081, you will find a picture of this line in different colors, and that’s shown on the forgery in 1289 just give us a review of the Chinese copy. Very comfortable!

On the counterfeit watch, antimagnetic specify either forgot to write or have decided not to lie. And of course, in an attempt to throw dust in the eyes to the back-cover Fake stated proudly Made in Japan, which is not true. G-SHOCK GA-100 is not produced in Japan, this Casio frankly, placing the information on the back cover that Japan was going to just watch module, but the final assembly produced on the licensed factory in Thailand. It differs even the size of the screws holding the cover in the original they are stronger.

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