One of the most luxury watches complications, inferior, probably only chronograph time display in different time zones. This feature is indispensable for people traveling and doing business around the world because the awkward companion to wake from overseas and decided to call him during his lunch break.
Watch companies that did not come up to give this model an original and eye-catching appearance. A step forward in this direction was made by Casio masters, presented at the exhibition in Basel in 2016 a new model of our favorite lines – Edifice EQB-600D. In addition to the main time the clock capable of displaying time in three hundred cities around the world and connect to your phone for synchronization.

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Watch massive, but in reality are not as severe as they seem at first glance. Their weight together with the bracelet is 170 grams. Height – a little more than 13 mm, it is a solid male enhancement, towering above the wrist. Housing diameter 47.3 mm in polished stainless steel covered in blue (the model EQB-600D-the A2 ) or brown on a model ( EQB-600D-A ) steel ring. The same ring in miniature painted around Sinezubov button at model EQB-600D-A2.Looking ahead, we mention that it is responsible for the activation of the wireless Bluetooth connection.

Also, it is located on the right side screw-down crown, protected by a fence, which shuts its two function buttons. This arrangement resembles the chronograph controls (it, by the way, is not in hours) and will appeal to many users. All of the buttons are pressed and confident about the performance of their functions shall notify the easy click. Ears and some elements of the body satin, the same combination of a mirror and brushed steel bracelet continues, ideally matched to the clock.

Overview of Casio Edifice EQB-600D luxury watch

Clock face
Close radiant body, protected by mineral glass, attracts the eye. But it is necessary to stay a little eye on the dial, and it was his first meeting with you to look at for a long time. That’s where 3D epithet becomes a reality. High-dial edges form an open, with that fell glittering waterfalls graphite hour markers. This is a real hypnosis: the apparent ease (this elegance emphasized absolutely smooth dial) hides a whirlwind of details, which becomes the center of rotating parts located at around three hours.

Stereotsiferblat – planet Earth
“Blue Planet” – maybe this is what the designers thought the phrase in the development of models of the world – made advanced casting methods. Glossy blue or steel shades in two models – the ocean. Same color but matte – continents. The model EQB-600D-A2 color shimmers from blue to purple through polarized spraying. Within 24 hours of 3D-Globe makes a complete revolution counterclockwise, simulating the Earth’s rotation.

In order to realize the uniform distribution of time zones, the center of the North Pole is selected. The curved yellow arrow coming out of it, indicating the chosen time zone world clock, at the same time showing the time in 24-hour format. The white triangle above the dial shows where now midnight and a triangle stamped on one of the continents indicates the direction of the time zone Coordinated Universal Time (UTC ± 0).

Do not forget the engineers and mapping dark and daylight. It’s enough to look at what is currently the area you are interested in the city. The top sector – night time, lower – the day, they are highlighted on the globe circle and midnight indicator helps to identify those most AM / PM. Everything to the left of this indicator is included in the gap “before noon” on the right – “in the afternoon.”

Luxury Watches
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Arrows and labels
The main time display uniform arrows hour and minute and a fine pointed second hand. On the arrow applied coating, it also can be seen on the labels 3, 6, 9 and 12 hours. The hour and minute hands are associated with the globe, it is from their position depends on the rotation angle and location yellow arrows. There were no inscriptions: Edifice series logo and brand name adorn the dial and the lower part of the mark, that the mechanism of the clock was created in Japan (build themselves Casio watches produced at the factory in China). The only pattern that designers allowed them to be used, – strips. They are on a side of extra dials, as they are applied at each hour mark.

World Clock and Calendar
World time in the time zone you can see on the small round dial, located in the lower part. Calendar presented classic date window at five hours and located right on the diagonal from him a retrograde day of the week (in the night from Saturday to Sunday arrow bounce back). The specifications stated that the calendar is fully automatic and is set to 2099; the date does not have to fail even in a leap year.

A feature of the quartz caliber 5466 is the movement of the minute hand; it changes its position every 10 seconds. The mechanism is powered by a battery that is charged with the energy of sunlight (Tough Solar Technology).

Luxury Watches
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Synchronize your phone
On the left side of the dial can be seen two symbols, R and Bluetooth. Fans of the brand know what they mean: second hand is pointing to one of them; it indicates the status of the current connection to the smartphone hours. Yes, thanks to wireless technology watches are transformed into a ultra-modern gadget. To unleash the full potential of your Edifice, download the app to your phone Casio Watch.
When you first connect the app resembles that Bluetooth on your phone must be turned on. Next, choose the model of our hours. Hold down the button on the right side, and after a few moments, the second-hand stops at position 12. You hear a beep and you are prompted to register the clock in the program (the first time only, then the clock will automatically connect to the smartphone would only be active Bluetooth). And the clock is connected. Arrows immediately rewind time with the time zone of Japan to your home.

Thanks to the system developed by Casio exact time (Accurate Time System) clock synchronized with the time on the phone. And most importantly, it is possible to conveniently control the time zone settings by sending commands from your phone to watch. For example, when you select a time zone on Earth card in your phone, you can set it as most of the time, simply by sending the appropriate command. Subsequently, the task will be to manage the top button hours. When her hold home time changes places with a guest, the dial-globe begins to rotate, the hands begin to move.

Luxury Watches
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Japanese – amazing nation. Who would have thought of to realize a wristwatch so necessary for each person to function as a phone lookup! Once you are through Bluetooth and applications synchronize their clocks with your smartphone, you can, as usual, turn off the sound and “lose” the phone. When you need it, press and hold the bottom button hours. After a few seconds, the phone “understand” what you are looking for it, and will know about yourself audible alarm.

A complete video of Casio Edifice EQB-600D luxury watch

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