Seiko – one of the oldest watch companies in the world. Japanese manufacture dates back to the opening of Kintaro Hattori in 1881 in downtown Tokyo store selling watches and jewelry. Today, the corporation manages his great-grandson, Shinji Hattori.

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In 1895, the company released its first pocket watch under mechanical Seikosha mark, which means “house of accuracy.” It was then that started the birth of Seiko craftsmanship. So, 1913 was marked by the release of the first Japanese wristwatch, dubbed Laurel. They became the prototype for the collection of mechanical watches Presage. Today of Seiko, following the philosophy of the founder, independently produces every detail of his watch: dials, arrows, hull, machinery parts and even alloys, of which produce mainspring and balance wheels.

Seiko Presage

Collection Presage, representing the company’s new outlook on everyday mechanics – is of the highest quality watches in the affordable price point. The tradition of the old masters is thriving because of the skill and passion of people whose hands are Seiko watches. Each instance closely inspected and leaves the shop only after rigorous testing. That’s of Seiko, on a par with luxury quartz and mechanics creates watches for the discerning connoisseurs of tradition and craftsmanship.

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Style from generation to generation

At first glance at the Presage Limited Edition Chronograph visible continuity in design: here and fonts, and color 12-hour marker, and the shape of arrows – all singing an ode to the first model, thereby Laurel. Two Presage chronographs, limited edition in 2016, have the same deals, as well as at their “ancestors” in 1913.

The technique takes into account the possible effect of not only temperature but also humidity, so the clock faces are the same smooth; do not lose brightness and depth of color for many years. The black dial is made using traditional brush lacquer (the first mention of it belongs to the fourth millennium BC).

All watches of Seiko Presage, in accordance with the spirit of the collection, are combined in the production of contemporary and historical art. Thus, the new method of production, which literally fuses with the metal nail, goes side by side with the ancient technique of obtaining a perfectly smooth surface. Wizard manually working on each dial, one after the other and causing multiple layers of polishing. Urus gives the product a nice and deep shine for a sufficiently thin layer, which does not interfere with the movement of the shooter. In order to meet the balance of the chronometer in this work, we need the highest level of craftsmanship.

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The mechanisms and technologies

At the heart of absolutely all models of a classical collection, Presage is a new standard for the manufacturing mechanics Tri-Matric, which hides a trio of remarkable time technologies.

Diashock is a shockproof device, which protects against shock and vibration balance wheel. Even in comparison with other parts balance node is very small; its thickness varies in the range of 80 microns, which is comparable to the thickness of a human hair. Diashock, absorbing strong shocks, allows you to save the integrity of the hair and the remaining balance of the spring parts.

Magic Lever or magic arm – and Seiko since 1959. Until that date, the rotor self-winding mechanical watches wound up spring only when driving in one direction, clockwise. The invention of Japanese masters raised the efficiency of factory hours and reduced the time to complete the spring tension. This original V-shaped lever allows all the energy produced by the rotor, whether rotation or counter-clockwise, to transfer the spring, and thus the course of hours. The simple and useful decision has been taken on board by the watchmakers of the world.

Spron – alloy from which the springs are made of the plant and the balance wheel. Such technologies have only a few companies in the world, and trade secrets are kept in the strictest confidence.

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So, looking at the open market of the Swiss monopoly mechanisms Swatch group a few years ago produced a chilling effect on the entire industry. But it does not touch of Seiko – all of them are equipped with their own watch parts of the patented material. Initially, Spron developed in cooperation with the Laboratory of Metal Materials of Tohoku University, it is no wonder that high performance in the operation allowed to use it in a variety of fields, from electronics to medicine.

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