Casio watches are very practical, functional and aesthetic compliments, the only drawback is that the range of possibilities is so vast that when choosing a particular model can arise many questions about it.

The world of Casio watches is tremendously wide, so making a decision about it when buying a watch can be somewhat complex. First of all, what you must keep in mind are the use you are going to give to it and your specific needs.

Knowing exactly what you are looking for in a Casio watch you can discard those options that are not of your interest and focus on those that truly interest you.

If you are interested in purchasing a Casio watch, we recommend following these recommendations:

Consider the size of your wrist, since it is essential to acquire a model that fits perfectly with this one.

Decide what type of watch you are interested in Analog or digital? Or a combination of both?

Make sure that the material of the bracelet that you choose for your Casio watch is the most suitable for your needs since it does not require the same care to opt for a model of leather that of plastic.

The style or design of the watch is a very important aspect since opting for an option that does not satisfy you aesthetically will cause you to not feel good with it and end up staying in a corner of your drawer.

Always opt for a model that offers you enough durability and resistance to enjoy it for years without problems.

If you do water sports, tasks or activities that can wet your watch, you should opt for a design that is water resistant.buying guide

The choice of a Casio watch has to be carefully made to match the choice, so it is interesting that you know your needs beforehand.

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Comparisons and characteristics

Of course, not all Casio watches are suitable for anyone, since it is normal for everyone to have our tastes, preferences, needs and budget, so you always have to choose a model that really fits you.

Casio wristwatches fit you, fit your needs, so this brand has for sale an extensive assortment of options that fit all needs, from those who are looking for an elegant watch to dress as for those who are looking for a Clock for day to day.

Not important what you are looking for since the Casio brand will satisfy your needs at a very affordable price. Before buying a Casio watch it is appropriate to keep in mind a series of basic features that will help you choose your watch correctly:

Type of watch: In the market, can be found mainly 2 large groups of watches: the digital and the analog, that is, the modern versus the traditional.

Analog clocks: These are the traditional hand-clocks of a lifetime, being able to find options that work with batteries or giving you a rope.

Digital clocks: Digital clocks show the time in numbers on a small screen. They work on batteries.

Bracelet: The material of manufacture of the bracelet is another key aspect to consider, since there are plenty of options on the market, mainly highlighting metal, rubber or polyurethane. The choice of one type or another will basically depend on your needs.

Of course, if you are looking for a watch for your adventures in the middle of nature is advisable you should choose a model of rubber or polyurethane, instead if you are looking for an elegant and fine watch it is advisable to opt for a model with metal strap.

Design: Elegant, sporty, original, daring, for athletes, the Casio watch brand offers an infinite number of designs and models for all tastes and needs. Choose only the one that best fits your preferences.

Resistance: If you love sports or outdoor activities we recommend that you choose a model of great strength and durability, especially those resistant to water with plastic strap or rubber.

If it is a watch that is going to be beaten frequently, the models manufactured in stainless steel as well as in titanium are the most advisable.

Sphere: The average diameter of the sphere is very variable, although it should be noted that the average diameter is usually between 42 and 44 mm. At present, it is the large dial watches that have imposed, are the fashion of the moment, reaching even diameters of 48 mm.

As a general rule, a standard wrist has a diameter size of between 15 and 18 mm, ideal for large and small watches. In the case of wrists smaller than 15 mm is not recommended diameters of more than 40 mm, while if the wrist exceeds 20 mm the minimum recommended is 42 mm.

The market for wrist watches is very wide, so the Casio brand shares its popularity in the sector with the two recognized:

Lotus: This prestigious brand is characterized by making available to its customer’s high-end watches thinking for those men or women who are looking for a fine, elegant watch with perfect finishes. Sublime quality at attractive prices.

Viceroy: The Viceroy brand is one of the best-known, most popular and best-selling brands on the market, which is characterized by the design of modern, practical, sophisticated watches and men’s watches, ideal for day-to-day watches.

Casio: As it could not be otherwise, Casio is one of the star brands in the market as it offers a wide range of cheap and most expensive Casio watches for all tastes, pockets, and needs. Sturdy, functional, versatile watches and careful design.

Price range

The great advantage of the Casio watch brand is that it offers alternatives for every pocket, so it is a brand designed for everyone, as it fits any need.

The range of prices can vary from $50 to $600 approximately, depending on the benefits offered by the same.

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