The main rule of “Murphy’s Law” that can spoil the mood on the sunniest day if something can go wrong, it goes wrong exactly. We give you a few scenarios when the “wrong” can happen to your luxury watch. Rest assured, if something of the following accident happens; it may degrade or completely break your watch, not sparing even those to which you are attached most.

16 ways to destroy your watch


Climb swim hours even with a high waterproof, leaving pulled out or twisted crown – the best way to buy a new one. Even if an authorized service center will repair them, time and nerves, and possibly money it will take a lot. Press the buttons under water as is only when the clock you have already mentally said goodbye. Of course, a high-tech model for diving this is not true.


With all due respect to fans of a luxury holiday in the sauna or bath hasten to remind them of an important point: should drink only water or herbal teas to be in the right condition and certainly not to forget to remove watches before entering the sweat lodge department! There are models that can withstand high temperatures, especially in combination with an almost one hundred percent humidity, but chances are that you will go to the bath in them, almost zero. The same applies to sub-zero temperatures – do not leave it in an unheated room or on the street, they are under the age of it will not.


Depending on the strength of impact can be a serious or even fatal injury for both electronic and quartz and mechanical watches. And the classic mechanism and computer topping responsible for the accuracy and advanced features can begin to work intermittently or not at all deny.


If a good hobby for hours you combine with a love of hunting, or just have a habit of periodically go to the range to practice shooting accuracy, wear that day into the hands of only specifically designed for hunters or military model. Sami, you cannot ignore the force of bestowal, but complex, and simple mechanisms multiple sharp distortions perceived almost as a shock, their work is disrupted. Fix damage can only highly skilled craftsmen.


Some inquisitive minds believe that if you open the back cover, and try using the magnet to get the fallen log, nothing will happen. On a global scale, of course, possible, but the exact time on the dial will never be displayed. There are watches that are protected from the effects of magnetic and other types, such as G-Shock or some Rolex, but even they will not survive the direct impact on the magnet mechanism. Shielding properties tend to have a material or coating and the dial body. Regardless of the model and features also should not put the clock on the speakers, but the laptop and cell phone emit too weak to make it display on the operation of the mechanism.


“Light” idea to manually translate the calendar date at midnight – just 12-00 night the most dangerous time, but in general it is not necessary to do so in the period from 21-00 to 03-00 – may well turn the calendar window in a meaningless decoration element figure which is once again topical once a month. It is part of the mechanism by night, in charge of the transition date, is set in motion, so intervention can be irreparable.


Probably, we should use a stopwatch to practice beforehand to do this automatically. Otherwise when running or a nervous condition is to press reset when the chronograph is running and with this excellent function will be goodbye. Remember once and for all: start – pause – discharge. Only in this way.
Kids & Pets

Let’s face it: and they both kept neither your money nor peace of mind for them all over the world theater, and the people and things in it – toys. Drop your watch on a tiled floor or in a bowl of porridge, and even chew the strap body, fill with saliva, to hide, in the end, so that will not even Mary Poppins – none of these opportunities will not be missed. Therefore, a rule of thumb: love and watch apart.

The difference in views

Probably every shudder at the memory of how in one of the Fashion Weeks amazon poured paint coats of fur coming out with another show guest. So maybe it is not necessary to show off crocodile strap in the presence of a confirmed vegan, even if it gives the impression of a reasonable person. And especially keep a decent distance from the pool with crocodiles – scientists are still not figured out the level of their intellectual development, but the smell of the former colleague on your wrist, they certainly can.


Civilized man, certainly will not get into a fight, if there is no direct threat to life, but to rush to remove the clock with the hands after being in a dark alley, you suddenly hear a request to “give me a cigarette,” still not worth it. Try to distract the stranger talk on current issues or offer him a purse and phone, but do not give their own chronometer, because he served you faithfully.

Strong feelings

Throw a girl who once gave you a birthday expensive watches, almost tantamount to throw them off the balcony. The probability that the fly is not only knives and reproaches of the pack is too high in the window, so the tie relations and take the gifts, all carefully thought over.

“Museum” storage

If the rarity of philately perfectly will feel in their albums of the decade, something about the clock cannot be said. It is a mechanism; it should work, or “rust”, though not literally. Or, at least occasionally wear all items from the collection, or keep them in a box with automatic winding.

Neglect TO

Again, do not disdain the comparison with the car: the complex mechanisms require periodic examinations of the specialist. Even if you are not worried about nothing, the clock is still ticking with the right sound and interval to “inspection” they should be treated at least once in 3-5 years.

Excessive care and attention

Too fond polishing is not necessary, and generally not recommended to polish the glass yourself: it becomes thinner and loses its properties over time, can even change the overall shape of the body. And if it is an old, expensive or rare model, which in the future you want to sell, please be aware that the auctioneer or a collector wants to see the watch in perfect condition. Perhaps, we should not worry about a pair of OMEGA.

Too much zeal

If you have a watch with a hand-wound – no need to turn the crown too long. In some models, even if they are now rarely found, you will overcome the resistance of the spring, it can simply break.

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